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ace 2002

BATN 8936 Oct-24 Opinion: Safe-roads Prop. 51 won't raise taxes
BATN 8923 Oct-22 ACE drops 6:45 pm SJ departure for 3:15 pm train
BATN 8922 Oct-22 ACE to switch 6:45pm San Jose departure to 3:15pm
BATN 8921 Oct-22 Stockton $4.6M depot makeover includes bus, ACE hub

BATN 8878 Oct-19 ACE may alter schedule to better serve Tri-Valley
BATN 8876 Oct-21 BART director Tom Blalock seeks 3rd term
BATN 8867 Oct-21 Prop. 51 salvos fired: $1B to special purposes
BATN 8844 Oct-18 Cross takes on Tom Blalock for BART Dist. 6 seat
BATN 8839 Oct-18 Letter: Make full use of ACE trains

BATN 8763 Oct-11 Livermore buys land for new downtown, ACE garage
BATN 8731 Oct-11 Union City wins $500K grant to study bus/rail hub
BATN 8631 Oct-8 ACE fare inspectors keep fare evasion at ~0.12%
BATN 8628 Oct-7 Mass transit making strides in California
BATN 8603 Oct-5 Mass transit catches on in California cities

BATN 8596 Oct-4 "Rideshare Week" carpoolers can win vacations
BATN 8495 Oct-1 ACE may make marginal profit from 4th train
BATN 8455 Sep-27 Letter: 3-station Livermore BART extension urged
BATN 8432 Sep-27 ACE Central Valley ridership remains constant
BATN 8413 Sep-26 State lawmakers blast Prop. 51

BATN 8287 Sep-18 ACE maintenance facility power struggle surfaces
BATN 8262 Sep-16 Union City pursues BART, ACE, Dumbarton rail TOD
BATN 8193 Sep-9 Mr Roadshow: Smog Check II, 87 HOV, Capitols, etc
BATN 8182 Sep-9 Caltrain turns to Monterey
BATN 8135 Sep-4 Editorial: High Speed Rail on track to '04 ballot

BATN 8125 Sep-4 Stanislaus Co. seeks Bay Area commuter rail link
BATN 8121 Sep-4 ACE, SJRTD win $1M for joint maintenance facility
BATN 8120 Sep-4 $10B high-speed rail bond likely to go to voters
BATN 8047 Aug-30 Assembly OKs $10B CA high-speed rail bond measure
BATN 8014 Aug-29 Groups to hold CA high-speed rail forum at SJSU

BATN 7839 Aug-18 Eating and drinking on area's rail systems
BATN 7795 Aug-15 Mr. Roadshow on Caltrain bike cars, ACE schedule
BATN 7713 Aug-11 CA high-speed rail may stop in Fremont/Union City
BATN 7305 Jul-18 Mr. Roadshow on SJ Diridon train station, parking
BATN 7270 Jul-16 Which MTC recommendation should be top priority?

BATN 7264 Jul-16 34-year, $2 billion measure funds SCCo. roads
BATN 7260 Jul-12 I-580 route selected for Livermore BART extension
BATN 7178 Jul-4 Livermore garage advances
BATN 7123 Jul-1 How BART fares compare with other systems'
BATN 7046 Jun-27 Fremont City Council opposes Hwy 84 project

BATN 6984 Jun-24 Kids' pranks cause problems on Livermore tracks
BATN 6971 Jun-24 Route 84 plan on the road to nowhere?
BATN 6961 Jun-23 Caltrain: Service OK if Amtrak defaults
BATN 6944 Jun-23 Amtrak demands huge loan to survive
BATN 6881 Jun-20 Mr Roadshow: Hwy 1/68 freeway speed survey, etc

BATN 6678 Jun-4 ACE, Caltrain service halted for forgotten lunch
BATN 6610 May-31 BART OKs extension route to Santa Clara Caltrain
BATN 6506 May-20 ACE to cut 2002-03 budget by $850K; no 4th train
BATN 6492 May-18 Letters: Ease traffic with smart growth, transit
BATN 6410 May-14 Editorial: Get SJ train commuters back on track

BATN 6409 May-14 ACE, Capitol ridership off; UP track delays cited
BATN 6384 May-10 Fremont ACE train parking to grow by 50 spaces
BATN 6341 May-7 San Joaquin Co. vies for fed transportation funds
BATN 6339 May-7 Financial hits pound Bay Area transit operators
BATN 6265 May-2 Downtown Livermore BART station gets top ranking

BATN 6231 Apr-30 Free train station shuttles are a transit bargain
BATN 6217 Apr-29 Dumbarton Bridge corridor virtually forgotten
BATN 6207 Apr-28 Palo Alto favors Dumbarton rail over road project
BATN 6168 Apr-25 On-line transit trip planning service expands
BATN 6167 Apr-25 Bay Area train crashes rare despite heavy traffic

BATN 6163 Apr-25 Downtown Livermore BART still an option in study
BATN 6144 Apr-23 Neighbors fret over SJ train station area future
BATN 6133 Apr-22 New study boosts Sonoma-Marin rail ridership
BATN 6116 Apr-19 provides trip planning
BATN 6107 Apr-18 ACE, Capitol commuter trains show ridership gains

BATN 6104 Apr-18 Editorial: ACE expansion funding must be found
BATN 6062 Apr-17 High winds snarl I-580, ACE train commute
BATN 6055 Apr-16 ACE hesitant to add fourth train
BATN 6049 Apr-16 Pleasanton seeks old rail right of way for trails
BATN 5999 Apr-11 BART seeks density near stations to add riders

BATN 5923 Apr-5 New transbay crossing cost estimates go sky-high
BATN 5904 Apr-3 Golden Gate Bridge insurance premiums skyrocket
BATN 5903 Apr-3 Golden Gate Bridge insurance cost to double
BATN 5894 Apr-3 MTC study endorses transit instead of new bridges
BATN 5892 Apr-3 New Bay tube or bridge too costly, leaders say

BATN 5638 Mar-19 Editorial: State high-speed rail ready for debate
BATN 5602 Mar-16 Letter: Livermore BART extension must go downtown
BATN 5598 Mar-16 Declining ridership, revenue hit transit agencies
BATN 5561 Mar-15 LAVTA Wheels announces bus service cuts
BATN 5558 Mar-15 Livermore Wheels to cut back bus service April 1

BATN 5467 Mar-10 Bay Area to Central Valley reverse commute grows
BATN 5457 Mar-10 Livermore BART not cost-effective, report says
BATN 5423 Mar-8 Livermore seeks to steer BART away from downtown
BATN 5419 Mar-7 Livermore says put BART down I-580, no to "tBART"
BATN 5418 Mar-7 Many Livermore residents oppose downtown BART

BATN 5379 Mar-4 Livermore residents want "real" BART
BATN 5345 Mar-2 Livermore BART extension plans draw sharp debate
BATN 5223 Feb-21 BART I-580 corridor panel eyes extension options
BATN 5144 Feb-16 Livermore BART needs high-density TOD, study says
BATN 5129 Feb-16 EPA OK to lift federal transportation fund freeze

BATN 5092 Feb-13 ACE to VTA free transfer only allowed on same day
BATN 4920 Feb-3 Letters: BART fare hike not surprising or welcome
BATN 4894 Feb-1 MTC releases TransLink universal transit farecard
BATN 4875 Feb-1 Editorial: Bring BART to downtown Livermore, ACE
BATN 4840 Jan-31 ACE hit by economy; negotiations delay 4th train

BATN 4743 Jan-26 Broad-gauge diesel "pre-BART" eyed for Livermore
BATN 4727 Jan-25 EPA approval of air plan should end funds freeze
BATN 4715 Jan-24 Federal transportation funds to Bay Area cut off
BATN 4707 Jan-24 EPA air ruling halts 19 Bay Area transit projects
BATN 4706 Jan-24 EPA says transit project freeze could last weeks

BATN 4705 Jan-24 U.S. blocks $716 million in Bay Area transit work
BATN 4672 Jan-21 Union City transit hub near BART "key to future"
BATN 4652 Jan-19 Fremont plans may squeeze Centerville ACE parking
BATN 4639 Jan-18 Pleasanton eyes land for TOD and an ACE station
BATN 4629 Jan-17 Livermore tBART cost soars to almost half of BART

BATN 4536 Jan-12 Letters: MTC invests in transit; Fuel cell vs oil
BATN 4421 Jan-5 ACE rider-survey highlights uncomfortable seats

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