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Media News
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ace 2003

BATN 11402 Apr-7 Florez bill puts HSR, rail under one state agency
BATN 11304 Mar-31 County Connection shifts ACE express bus schedules
BATN 11231 Mar-28 Opinion: Expand ACE; BART too expensive

BATN 11181 Mar-24 Editorial: A time for trains over Altamont pass
BATN 11107 Mar-19 San Joaquin Co. may assume more ACE control
BATN 11080 Mar-18 Tracy residents excited by BART extension plans
BATN 11070 Mar-15 ACE partners mired in politics, power-struggles
BATN 11048 Mar-14 AC Transit bus to link Tri-Valley with San Mateo

BATN 10994 Mar-11 ACE to target riders commuting to Livermore
BATN 10970 Mar-7 Transportation projects to speed Tracy area growth
BATN 10969 Mar-8 BART mulls diesel-powered extension to Tracy
BATN 10957 Mar-6 Census data track suburban job shift, commuting
BATN 10956 Mar-6 Bay Area jobs, commutes spread out, census says

BATN 10951 Mar-6 ACE weighs adding Sacramento-Merced rail service
BATN 10898 Mar-3 Stockton $11.6M downtown transit hub gets OK
BATN 10882 Mar-1 Extreme commuters ply the Amtrak Capitol Corridor
BATN 10821 Feb-27 Commuters love, enviros hate Pombo freeway plan
BATN 10780 Feb-25 Sonoma-Marin rail ridership estimate questioned

BATN 10779 Feb-25 Sonoma-Marin rail feeder buses, parking questioned
BATN 10758 Feb-21 Tri-Valley group encourages transit alternatives
BATN 10711 Feb-19 Editorial: Fund I-5-SJ Mt. Hamilton highway study
BATN 10670 Feb-18 BART SJ, SFO extensions win federal cash
BATN 10651 Feb-13 Pombo pushes new 6-lane Mt Hamilton range freeway

BATN 10628 Feb-13 Editorial: Pombo highway plan worth examination
BATN 10606 Feb-11 I-580/Livermore BART committee to examine HOV lane
BATN 10604 Feb-12 ACE trains delayed by signal system breakdown
BATN 10530 Feb-6 LAVTA chief Vic Sood announces his retirement
BATN 10385 Jan-27 Union City proceeds with transit hub planning

BATN 10169 Jan-15 Letter: Purchase ACE route & upgrade service
BATN 10127 Jan-14 Pleasanton ACE station now features ticket booth
BATN 10114 Jan-14 Web-based trip-planner serves itinerary #2,000,000
BATN 10089 Jan-14 Fremont Mission Blvd. to close for RR bridge work
BATN 10025 Jan-13 Earlier ACE train leaves some riders stranded

BATN 10024 Jan-13 ACE gets riders home earlier with new schedule
BATN 10022 Jan-13 Caltrans eyes replacing Amtrak as train operator
BATN 10000 Jan-3 Editorial: More Tri-Valley commute choices for 2003
BATN 9996 Jan-3 Letters: SJ BART extension & "the VTA meltdown"

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