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Current Caltrain schedule has 22 Baby Bullets

Baby Bullet received two MTC Awards in 2004

Compared to Caltrain's regular service, the Baby Bullet express cuts travel times between San Jose and San Francisco from 90 minutes to 57 minutes, a savings of over 35% and a time competitive with the speed of driving between most of the station pairs. Baby Bullet Phase I construction was fully funded by the State of California. The total amount funded is $127 million.

In 2002 and 2003, Caltrain purchased 17 low-floor bi-level rail cars from Sound Transit (Sounder) in Seattle and five locomotives from MPI for the new service. The bi-level railcars were used for regular Caltrain service until the "Baby Bullet" express service commenced in June 2004.

The Baby Bullet makes four or five Peninsula stops between San Jose and San Francisco:

Effective August 1, 2005, some of the Bullets now serve five additional Caltrain stations:

Caltrain's budget crisis prompted August service changes, two fare increases. See Caltrain's announcement from 4/25/05.

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