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"Great Expectations" Transbay Terminal Facts and Figures

  • 600,000 square foot multi-modal transit facility
  • 50 bus bays on two levels with day-lit center island passenger area
  • 6 through-track underground train station for future high-speed and conventional intercity and corridor rail service to and from Los Angeles, Sacramento, the Central Valley, and the East Bay
  • Transit connections to East Bay, Peninsula, North Bay, and San Francisco
  • 80,000 daily train/bus passengers on opening day
  • 300,000 daily train/bus passengers capacity
  • 225,000 square feet of retail joint development in terminal
  • $888 million total construction cost (Train-ready terminal, in June 2000 costs)
  • $350 million potential joint development revenue
  • Mixed-use development including approximately 3000 residential units, and office, hotel, and retail space
  • Project construction start in December 2003
  • Grand opening in December 2007
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