Letter drafted by San Francisco Tomorrow to SF supervisors in support of the CalTrain extension

Letter drafted in June 1997

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Supervisor ___
City Hall
401 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102

Dear Supervisor ___,

Re: high speed rail to downtown San Francisco, the CalTrain Downtown Extension, and their symbiotic relationship.

[I/we] urge you to ask the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board to complete the Final Environmental Impact Statement/Final Environmental Report (FEIS/FEIR) for the CalTrain Downtown Extension for the following reasons:

Plans are well underway for a high speed rail line from Los Angeles to the Bay Area. It is very important that the high speed rail line come to downtown San Francisco because:

High speed rail must use the CalTrain tracks and right-of-way to enter downtown San Francisco. No other rights-of-way are available. CalTrain must be extended to downtown San Francisco to accommodate high speed rail, as well as to improve its own service. Hence the symbiotic relationship between high speed rail and the CalTrain Downtown Extension can be seen.

In order to be competitive with air travel, high speed rail must come into downtown San Francisco. Terminating it at an outlying location such as Fourth and Townsend Streets will make it non-competitive.

Bringing high speed rail into downtown San Francisco will reduce commuter air flights to San Francisco International Airport and free up landing and takeoff slots for more profitable overseas flights. It will also reduce highway congestion and air pollution.

The improved CalTrain service the Downtown Extension would bring about would attract more people to transit and reduce traffic congestion and air pollution.

It is very important that the right-of-way for the CalTrain Downtown Extension be preserved. In order to do this the FEIS/FEIR for the CalTrain Downtown Extension must be completed.

[More reasons for supporting the CalTrain extension]

Yours truly


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Last updated: April 22, 1998

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