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The regional Transbay Terminal Panel has developed a striking design concept for the new Transbay Terminal, a new intermodal bus and rail transit station for the Bay region and the State.

The final report showcases a visionary plan that establishes a new California model for integrating regional, state, and nationwide public transportation.

The new terminal will be a world-class 21st century facility that meets current and future transit needs. It is an exceptional, environmentally sustainable design that will provide for seamless intermodal transit connections and increase options for commuters weary of growing traffic congestion. The development surrounding the terminal will include approximately 3000 residential units to help alleviate the area's housing shortage. The increased housing will create a new transit-oriented neighborhood and more vibrant downtown with retail and commercial opportunities.

The new station will accommodate significant expansion of the region's commuter bus service, including the Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District transbay service (AC Transit), the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District (GGBHTD), and San Mateo County's SamTrans. The station will enhance connectivity with expanded San Francisco Municipal Railway (MUNI) service and promote ridership growth for Greyhound, paratransit, and other transit providers.

The new facility will also provide for the much-anticipated San Francisco Downtown extension of Caltrain, which will serve commuters as far south as Monterey County. Ample passenger and rail capacity will be designed into the new facility to accommodate future high-speed and conventional intercity and corridor rail service to and from Los Angeles, Sacramento, the Central Valley, and the East Bay.

[The Transbay Terminal Implementation Plan was released in July 2000]

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