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dumbarton 2002

BATN 8609 Oct-5 Letter: Diridon diverts statewide rail money to SJ
BATN 8014 Aug-29 Groups to hold CA high-speed rail forum at SJSU
BATN 7658 Aug-7 Caltrain board to lose Caltrain advocate Schmidt
BATN 7476 Jul-29 Opinion: Olympics would light torch under transportation

BATN 7271 Jul-16 MTC study: steep price to cut transbay congestion
BATN 7253 Jul-12 Public to weigh in on MTC Bay Crossings study
BATN 7234 Jul-10 Public to weigh in on By Crossings
BATN 7196 Jul-6 Suggestions wanted for improving trans-bay travel
BATN 6935 Jun-23 Transbay study doesn't call for new bridge, tunnel

BATN 6719 Jun-7 MTC panel member says EPA mayor tried to oust her
BATN 6352 May-7 Dumbarton southern road connector debated again
BATN 6321 May-7 Dumbarton concerns aired at Bay Crossings meeting
BATN 6217 Apr-29 Dumbarton Bridge corridor virtually forgotten
BATN 6207 Apr-28 Palo Alto favors Dumbarton rail over road project

BATN 6164 Apr-25 Letter: Is there a new Bay bridge in our future?
BATN 6154 Apr-23 MTC seeks public comment on Bay Crossings study
BATN 6096 Apr-18 MTC seeks input on "Bay Crossings" alternatives
BATN 6066 Apr-16 SMCo. officials oppose new mid-Bay bridge
BATN 5995 Apr-11 Dumbarton Bridge connection: could it work?

BATN 5924 Apr-5 Officials balk at cost of new Bay crossings
BATN 5923 Apr-5 New transbay crossing cost estimates go sky-high
BATN 5922 Apr-5 New Bay crossing costs appear to be prohibitive
BATN 5915 Apr-4 New bridge, transbay tube would cost at least $8B
BATN 5892 Apr-3 New Bay tube or bridge too costly, leaders say

BATN 4942 Feb-4 Opinion: MTC Bay Crossings Study examines options
BATN 4597 Jan-17 Dumbarton rail line a top priority for Schmidt

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