Comments on Caltrain electrification EIR, May 2004
[BayRail Alliance letterhead]
May 25, 2004

Attn: Carol Wolf, Program Manager
Caltrain Electrification Program
P.O. Box 3006
San Carlos CA 94070-1306

RE: Electrification DEIR Comments

Dear Ms. Wolf:

We are writing to submit our comments on the draft Caltrain Electrification Environmental Impact Report. We have strongly supported the Electrification project for many years and are pleased to see it move forward.

We feel that it is important for the electrification program to acknowledge related benefits that could be made possible by the program. These include reduced dwell time at stations, intangibles such as a modern and attractive image, new and modernized equipment with amenities such as laptop outlets that appeal to commuters, greater reliability and operational benefits for increasingly frequent service.

We'd like to see the following items addressed in the final EIR: Thank you for your consideration of these comments. We also urge your careful attention to the detailed technical comments submitted by Richard Mlynarik and Michael Kiesling.


Margaret Okuzumi
Executive Director