Peninsula Rail 2000 Policy on Electrification and Expansion of Service to Gilroy

Adopted 8/27/01

    Peninsula Rail 2000 has gone on record as supporting both the double tracking of the rail line to Gilroy, enabling much greater service, and the electrification of the entire Caltrain line.

    There has recently been some concern as to the timing of the San Jose to Gilroy electrification and double tracking projects due to the possibility planning and construction scheduling conflicts between the two.

    Peninsula Rail 2000 believes it is up to the citizens and leaders of Santa Clara County to decide the optimal sequencing of the projects to best complete both in a timely and cost-effective matter.

    This does not mean we have changed our position on the necessity of quick electrification of the San Jose to San Francisco section of the line to increase speeds and enable the downtown San Francisco extension of Caltrain, or the goal of frequent electrified service to Gilroy.

    The voters of Santa Clara County choose to both electrify and double track in Measure A last year (2000) and Peninsula Rail expects that their choice will be carried out within an reasonable and appropriate schedule over the upcoming years.