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elect 2001

BATN 4212 Dec-20 MTC unanimously OKs $10.5B Bay Area transit plan
BATN 4197 Dec-19 Tight Samtrans board race pits Caltrain vs. BART
BATN 4161 Dec-18 MTC's Bay Area transit plan a commuter's dream
BATN 4149 Dec-15 Opinion: SamTrans board wars; Caltrain projects

BATN 4099 Dec-14 Letter: Caltrain bashing delays improvements
BATN 4057 Dec-12 Letter: Caltrain death no case for Peninsula BART
BATN 3832 Nov-27 Caltrain looking for electrification plan funding
BATN 3822 Nov-26 Caltrain considers switch from diesel to electric
BATN 3805 Nov-20 Caltrain express, electrification moving forward

BATN 3789 Nov-19 Caltrain electrification trades exhaust for wires
BATN 3778 Nov-19 Caltrain plans compatible step to high-speed rail
BATN 3767 Nov-16 Caltrain updates public on electrification plans
BATN 3714 Nov-14 Caltrain meeting to feature electrification plan
BATN 3561 Nov-3 Letter: Caltrain underpasses, electrification

BATN 3521 Oct-31 Caltrain to hold electrification update meeting
BATN 3432 Oct-24 San Mateo candidates want Caltrain electrified
BATN 3229 Oct-9 Caltrain electrification cost soars 40% to $601M
BATN 3014 Sep-20 Oakland meeting on MTC's 25-yr transport plan
BATN 3002 Sep-18 MTC to hold Santa Clara Co. meeting on 25-yr plan

BATN 2924 Sep-11 SF meeting on MTC 25-year Transportation Plan
BATN 2910 Sep-8 Letter: Unbiased BART vs Caltrain analysis needed
BATN 2822 Sep-5 Letter: Convert Caltrain to use fuel cells
BATN 2774 Aug-29 Opinion: Say "yes" to SF Transbay Terminal plan
BATN 2701 Aug-25 Letters: Caltrain electrification vs. BART

BATN 2607 Aug-18 Editorial: Caltrain electrification a boondoggle
BATN 2557 Aug-16 Public invited to comment on MTC transit plan
BATN 2513 Aug-13 Caltrain electrification costs more than expected
BATN 2422 Aug-3 Caltrain maintenance facility cost soars to $95M
BATN 2244 Jul-18 Gilroy mayor questions Caltrain electrification

BATN 1917 Jun-19 Kopp says Caltrain Grand Jury report struck nerve
BATN 1875 Jun-16 "Bullet" Caltrain express trains to run by 2003
BATN 1808 Jun-13 SF and SCCo. owe SMCo. $40M for Caltrain purchase
BATN 1628 May-29 Bay Area transportation funding fight gets ugly
BATN 1605 May-26 SAMCEDA, SMCo. leaders push BART-type train, TOD

BATN 1603 May-25 Letter: Grand Jury's Caltrain report reasonable
BATN 1589 May-24 Bay Meadows TOD plans include "bullet" Caltrain
BATN 1574 May-23 Grand Jury: reconsider Caltrain electrification
BATN 1571 May-23 Grand Jury challenges Caltrain electrification
BATN 1530 May-20 BART-like Peninsula transit plan to be unveiled

BATN 1527 May-20 Editorial: Cash coming to ease Peninsula traffic
BATN 1526 May-20 Letter: Report on Caltrain electrification absurd
BATN 1511 May-18 Caltrain electrification called a $376M waste
BATN 1509 May-18 Caltrain electrification too pricey, report says
BATN 1508 May-18 Grand Jury questions Caltrain electrification

BATN 1507 May-18 Caltrain electrification called too costly
BATN 1506 May-18 Grand Jury report re-ignites Caltrain-BART debate
BATN 1505 May-16 Jury report questions Caltrain electrification
BATN 1165 Apr-12 MTC's Sharon Brown on regional transit plan
BATN 1124 Apr-9 Letter: High time for Caltrain electrification

BATN 1123 Apr-9 Letter: Caltrain electrification facts
BATN 1087 Apr-4 Letters: Electrify Caltrain
BATN 932 Mar-22 Advocates want transit money spent on transit
BATN 899 Mar-16 Letter: Caltrain electrification benefits
BATN 845 Mar-9 Letter: Caltrain electrification letter callous

BATN 773 Mar-1 Caltrain ridership surges, breaks all-time records
BATN 709 Feb-21 Letter: RPAC & TRAC for Caltrain electrification
BATN 649 Feb-16 Letter: Caltrain electrification is long overdue
BATN 602 Feb-9 Letter: Caltrain electrification not worthwhile
BATN 587 Feb-8 Letter: Caltrain electrification, Dumbarton rail

BATN 575 Feb-7 Dumbarton rail plan funding questions remain
BATN 543 Feb-4 Letters in favor of Caltrain electrification
BATN 535 Feb-2 Caltrain planning switch from diesel to electric
BATN 517 Feb-2 Caltrain electrification rolling stock meeting
BATN 505 Jan-30 Caltrain forum on new electric locomotives, cars

BATN 471 Jan-29 Keep Caltrain diesel
BATN 358 Jan-16 Palo Alto people mover would require Stanford OK

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