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elect 2002

BATN 9011 Oct-28 Caltrain spends millions to keep people off tracks

BATN 8980 Oct-25 Burlingame eyes future Hwy 101, Caltrain projects
BATN 8815 Oct-17 Environment, transit groups oppose SCCo Measure B
BATN 8569 Oct-4 Repost: SMCo. transit tax push begins early; BART likely
BATN 8528 Oct-2 Caltrain board member Lloyd receives Amtrak award
BATN 8395 Sep-25 Bombardier suing Amtrak over problem-plagued Acela

BATN 8148 Sep-5 VTA jeopardizes bus, light rail funds for SJ BART
BATN 8110 Sep-1 Acela troubles seen as pattern for Amtrak
BATN 7910 Aug-22 Editorial: Ongoing Amtrak investment most needed
BATN 7616 Aug-6 Air quality suit to delay Peninsula road projects
BATN 7608 Aug-6 Caltrain electrification could provide PG&E lines

BATN 7383 Jul-25 MTC eyes other solutions to ridership court order
BATN 7360 Jul-25 MTC to appeal order to increase transit ridership
BATN 7289 Jul-18 Caltrain electrification put back on track
BATN 7275 Jul-16 Caltrain electrification rescued; doubts linger
BATN 7264 Jul-16 34-year, $2 billion measure funds SCCo. roads

BATN 7247 Jul-12 Caltrain launches largest-ever upgrade project
BATN 7246 Jul-12 Editorial: Caltrain needs to electrify ASAP
BATN 7245 Jul-12 Opinion: All aboard for Caltrain electrification
BATN 7240 Jul-12 Caltrain puts electrification funds back on track
BATN 7237 Jul-10 Letter: SF diesel emissions, Caltrain electrification

BATN 7230 Jul-10 Column: All aboard for Caltrain electrification
BATN 6977 Jun-24 Mr Roadshow: Caltrain stiffed again, Hwy 87, etc
BATN 6831 Jun-18 Caltrain plan derailed
BATN 6766 Jun-11 SCCo. may not fund Caltrain electrification share
BATN 6733 Jun-8 VTA stalls Caltrain budget; saving funds for BART

BATN 6728 Jun-8 VTA balks at its $2.9M share of electric Caltrain
BATN 6724 Jun-8 VTA has month to find $2.8M for electric Caltrain
BATN 6703 Jun-6 No electric Caltrain funding until 2012, VTA says
BATN 6682 Jun-5 Caltrain electrification funds may go to SJ BART
BATN 6679 Jun-5 SCCo. backs off electric Caltrain due to SJ BART

BATN 6668 Jun-4 Bio-tech industy affected by worker commutes
BATN 6351 May-7 Column: Caltrain key to San Mateo Co rail transit
BATN 5957 Apr-6 Caltrain to hike fares, cut trains, stop weekends
BATN 5590 Mar-16 MTC statement clears release of fed highway funds
BATN 5283 Feb-24 Editorial: Yes on 42; corrects legacy of neglect

BATN 5033 Feb-8 Caltrain, SamTrans revenues down, may trim budget
BATN 4929 Feb-3 Caltrain, SamTrans name new COO
BATN 4597 Jan-17 Dumbarton rail line a top priority for Schmidt

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