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caltrain 2002

BATN 9027 Oct-29 SCCo VTA Meas. B a 30-yr "road lock" on fed funds
BATN 9011 Oct-28 Caltrain spends millions to keep people off tracks
BATN 8980 Oct-25 Burlingame eyes future Hwy 101, Caltrain projects
BATN 8979 Oct-25 S SCCo Measure B road, Caltrain funds shift north
BATN 8978 Oct-25 BART, Caltrain up security after terrorist alert

BATN 8977 Oct-25 Caltrain, Amtrak boost security after FBI warning
BATN 8973 Oct-25 BART to unveil Daly City shop equipment, expansion
BATN 8962 Oct-24 Sunnyvale planning Mathilda Ave RR overpass rehab
BATN 8961 Oct-24 MTC holds 25th annual awards ceremony
BATN 8959 Oct-24 Bay Area employers honored for commuter benefits

BATN 8953 Oct-24 Editorial: SCCo. VTA measures: Yes on A, No on B
BATN 8948 Oct-24 Caltrain news: fake bomb; possible suicide; new cars
BATN 8947 Oct-24 Caltrain kills elderly trespasser in Redwood City
BATN 8946 Oct-24 Bomb scare closes San Carlos Caltrain station
BATN 8925 Oct-23 Caltrain riders get preview of new express cars

BATN 8919 Oct-23 Fire snarls VTA light rail; fog closes SJ airport
BATN 8906 Oct-22 Caltrain "Baby Bullet" to make World Series run
BATN 8905 Oct-22 Caltrain to test new "Baby Bullet" express cars
BATN 8904 Oct-22 Caltrain to inaugurate Baby Bullet cars this week
BATN 8903 Oct-22 Caltrain Baby Bullet cars enter service Tuesday

BATN 8901 Oct-22 SJ airport closed 4 hours by morning fog
BATN 8897 Oct-19 New old-fashioned Mtn View Caltrain depot to open
BATN 8844 Oct-18 Cross takes on Tom Blalock for BART Dist. 6 seat
BATN 8841 Oct-18 Editorial: Stanford should find Caltrain alternative
BATN 8816 Oct-17 Caltrain hits truck at 10 mph in downtown San Mateo

BATN 8815 Oct-17 Environment, transit groups oppose SCCo Measure B
BATN 8807 Oct-16 BART stays on board MTC's TransLink test program
BATN 8799 Oct-13 MBTA commuter rail contract may serve as US model
BATN 8795 Oct-14 Mr Roadshow: Dirty Caltrain cloth seats, freeways
BATN 8794 Oct-14 Comment: MTC's Heminger says MTC's TransLink good

BATN 8774 Oct-13 BART accord reached on MTC TransLink cards
BATN 8769 Oct-12 Weekend Caltrain replacement bus gets bad reviews
BATN 8767 Oct-12 Bay Area transit operators OK extending TransLink
BATN 8766 Oct-12 Transit operators OK extending MTC TransLink test
BATN 8718 Oct-10 High-Speed Rail Authority hopes to link SF, LA

BATN 8695 Oct-9 Palo Alto cops monitor Caltrain suicide memorial
BATN 8694 Oct-9 SamTrans eyes new HQ, transit village near Caltrain
BATN 8685 Oct-9 Letter: Peninsula BART extension a redundant waste
BATN 8684 Oct-9 Letter: Peninsula BART extension a waste of money
BATN 8680 Oct-9 Palo Alto boy, 14, an apparent Caltrain suicide

BATN 8647 Oct-8 Caltrain strikes, kills man at Palo Alto crossing
BATN 8646 Oct-8 Caltrain service disrupted by pedestrian fatality
BATN 8631 Oct-8 ACE fare inspectors keep fare evasion at ~0.12%
BATN 8618 Oct-5 Zoning, traffic gridlock drive Menlo council race
BATN 8615 Oct-5 El Cerrito BART to get 48 electronic bike lockers

BATN 8613 Oct-5 New SF parking meters to take cash and plastic
BATN 8600 Oct-5 Caltrain may authorize adding 5th Gilroy train
BATN 8569 Oct-4 Repost: SMCo. transit tax push begins early; BART likely
BATN 8568 Oct-4 Caltrain to install security cameras at 4 stations
BATN 8567 Oct-4 Caltrain ridership off 16% after fare hike, closures

BATN 8566 Oct-4 Caltrain to install $1M camera security system
BATN 8549 Oct-3 Editorial: The truth about VTA's SCCo. Measure B
BATN 8548 Oct-3 BASOC makes Olympic transit plan available on web
BATN 8528 Oct-2 Caltrain board member Lloyd receives Amtrak award
BATN 8524 Oct-1 Olympics traffic solution: transit, not parking

BATN 8502 Oct-1 Caltrain weekend closure on Stanford Senate agenda
BATN 8501 Oct-1 BART, Caltrain play major role in BA Olympic bid
BATN 8500 Oct-1 Bay Area officials unveil Olympics transport plan
BATN 8490 Sep-30 High-speed rail chief diverts attention from plan
BATN 8404 Sep-26 Officials share vision for high-speed rail system

BATN 8401 Sep-25 Dixon-Auburn commuter rail to resemble Caltrain
BATN 8396 Sep-25 Letter: More to SamTrans than just buses
BATN 8373 Sep-23 Transit officials unveil new express bus fleet
BATN 8354 Sep-22 VTA to widen 101-85, may delay Caltrain & Hwy 152
BATN 8350 Sep-21 HSR plan details needed to sell voters in Nov '04

BATN 8326 Sep-20 CA high-speed rail bond may benefit Caltrain most
BATN 8304 Sep-19 MTC chief seeks to keep BART in TransLink trial
BATN 8303 Sep-20 BART may pull out of MTC TransLink experiment
BATN 8302 Sep-19 BART may temporarily leave MTC TransLink trial
BATN 8284 Sep-17 San Carlos OKs 6-mo., $350K free shuttle program

BATN 8278 Sep-17 Editorial: Smiles for Caltrans, Caltrain bus link
BATN 8263 Sep-16 Opinion: Olympics a catalyst for transit projects
BATN 8249 Sep-14 San Mateo to take Caltrain corridor project bids
BATN 8245 Sep-14 Mtn. View Hwy 85/101 project wins "top priority"
BATN 8222 Sep-12 Mountain View eyes Caltrain grade separations

BATN 8220 Sep-11 Airports, BART, Caltrain react to security alert
BATN 8216 Sep-11 Bay Area transit agencies plan 9/11 observances
BATN 8212 Sep-10 Monterey-Salinas Transit debuts Caltrain bus link
BATN 8211 Sep-10 Caltrain may move search/rescue gear in disaster
BATN 8209 Sep-10 Monterey-Salinas Transit begins Caltrain bus link

BATN 8208 Sep-10 San Carlos eyes city-sponsored shuttle system
BATN 8202 Sep-10 BART SJ extension plan wins first federal OK
BATN 8193 Sep-9 Mr Roadshow: Smog Check II, 87 HOV, Capitols, etc
BATN 8182 Sep-9 Caltrain turns to Monterey
BATN 8148 Sep-5 VTA jeopardizes bus, light rail funds for SJ BART

BATN 8119 Sep-4 New Bay Area ferry plan excludes Mountain View
BATN 8107 Sep-3 Mr Roadshow: Caltrain cutbacks; highways, etc.
BATN 8095 Sep-3 Light rail brings uneasy future to SF's 3rd St.
BATN 8065 Sep-3 Caltrain PacBell Park buses rolling nearly empty
BATN 8061 Aug-31 Column: Schmidt says CalTrain / BART rivalry over

BATN 8050 Aug-30 Mr Roadshow: Adopt-A-Highway, SJ LRT ridership
BATN 8047 Aug-30 Assembly OKs $10B CA high-speed rail bond measure
BATN 8046 Aug-30 Column: Traffic calming doesn't soothe drivers
BATN 8015 Aug-29 Remote-controlled freight train switching opposed
BATN 8014 Aug-29 Groups to hold CA high-speed rail forum at SJSU

BATN 8001 Aug-27 Caltrain begins new schedule today; 4 trains cut
BATN 7993 Aug-26 SCCo. boosts Hwy 85/101 plans over Caltrain plans
BATN 7992 Aug-26 Sunnyvale eyes Mathilda Caltrain overpass rebuild
BATN 7991 Aug-26 Sunnyvale may lose Bernardo Caltrain X-ing funds
BATN 7987 Aug-26 SF Olympic transport plan heavily reliant on rail

BATN 7983 Aug-26 Mr Roadshow: slick road, 101 bus stop, 237/84 HOV
BATN 7976 Aug-26 Traffic study plots Palo Alto commuter addresses
BATN 7947 Aug-24 BART parking policy mishmash certain to befuddle
BATN 7941 Aug-25 SamTrans to keep intra-SMCo. BART SFO fares low
BATN 7934 Aug-23 Portion of Hwy 1 named for "Leadfoot Lou" Papan

BATN 7925 Aug-23 BART to raise fares 5% everywhere when SFO opens
BATN 7924 Aug-23 BART sets fares for ride to SFO
BATN 7901 Aug-22 SJ OKs 245 affordable apartments near Caltrain
BATN 7890 Aug-21 Caltrain track work disturbs Palo Alto homeowner
BATN 7889 Aug-21 Burlingame to study land uses near Millbrae BART

BATN 7887 Aug-20 SamTrans, Caltrain cuts take effect this weekend
BATN 7881 Aug-20 Caltrain bought 17 surplus Seattle Sounder cars
BATN 7852 Aug-18 Letter: Caltrain vs. BART on the Peninsula
BATN 7851 Aug-18 Jim Castagno obit., SamTrans Manager of Transportation
BATN 7841 Aug-18 Critics call Prop. 51 a bold raid on CA state budget

BATN 7839 Aug-18 Eating and drinking on area's rail systems
BATN 7829 Aug-18 Bay Area peak highway hours of delay drop 12%
BATN 7828 Aug-18 Traffic delays fall in south bay; more congestion in Alameda
BATN 7826 Aug-18 BART SF-SFO fare $4.70; far exurban fares under $7
BATN 7820 Aug-18 Caltrain cuts four trains starting Aug 26

BATN 7797 Aug-15 BART SFO $1.50 premium fee; SMCo $1 surcharge OKd
BATN 7795 Aug-15 Mr. Roadshow on Caltrain bike cars, ACE schedule
BATN 7794 Aug-15 Caltrain "heat kink" repair work angers neighbors
BATN 7752 Aug-13 SMCo. cancels employee vanpool & shuttle program
BATN 7742 Aug-12 Letter: High-speed rail won't end in San Jose

BATN 7736 Aug-12 Historic Millbrae Caltrain depot retirement nears
BATN 7730 Aug-12 Mr Roadshow on various SCCo. road projects
BATN 7729 Aug-12 SJ live-work project near Caltrain lacks tenants
BATN 7728 Aug-12 Developers vie to build downtown SJ parking
BATN 7710 Aug-9 Letter: Closer BART, Caltrain fare cooperation

BATN 7709 Aug-9 SJ eyes bus terminal, parking lot redevelopment
BATN 7692 Aug-9 SF Muni wins FTA OK for Phase 2 of Central Subway
BATN 7685 Aug-8 BART fan backed for SamTrans, Caltrain board seat
BATN 7662 Aug-7 Comment: Time has come for Calif. high-speed rail
BATN 7660 Aug-7 Letter: Bike tunnel politics a sad day for Menlo

BATN 7659 Aug-7 Menlo Park bike/ped tunnel may not be dead
BATN 7658 Aug-7 Caltrain board to lose Caltrain advocate Schmidt
BATN 7652 Aug-7 Letter: Can't there be a one-ticket ride to SFO?
BATN 7646 Aug-6 National bike relay to come through Palo Alto
BATN 7630 Aug-6 Redwood City wants toll revenue funds for ferry

BATN 7618 Aug-6 Belmont lobbies to be a Caltrain Baby Bullet stop
BATN 7616 Aug-6 Air quality suit to delay Peninsula road projects
BATN 7611 Aug-5 Redwood City tackles suburban sprawl
BATN 7608 Aug-6 Caltrain electrification could provide PG&E lines
BATN 7596 Aug-5 Car commuter switches to taking bike on Caltrain

BATN 7591 Aug-4 San Jose industrial area site of infill TOD
BATN 7565 Aug-2 Mr Roadshow lists Bay Area highway, rail projects
BATN 7555 Aug-2 Caltrain explains on-board medical emergency plan
BATN 7538 Aug-1 Walking tour to show off Redwood City planning
BATN 7527 Jul-31 Menlo Park bike tunnel ballot measure on agenda

BATN 7525 Jul-31 CarShare, Flexcar vie for Palo Alto commuters
BATN 7512 Jul-31 Convert parking spaces into homes says TALC (BATLUC)
BATN 7498 Jul-31 Berkeley-SFO on BART may cost $8 and take 70 min.
BATN 7497 Jul-31 Lantos among first to ride BART test train to SFO
BATN 7493 Jul-30 BART SFO extension set to roll

BATN 7490 Jul-30 BART delays SFO extension opening
BATN 7487 Jul-30 BART SFO extension expected to open in January
BATN 7485 Jul-30 SF, SCCo. Caltrain ROW debt to SMCo. still unpaid
BATN 7484 Jul-30 VIPs get the first ride on BART to S.F. Airport
BATN 7481 Jul-30 Officials take trial run on BART to SFO

BATN 7479 Jul-30 Palo Alto bike tunnel backed; Menlo's sparks feud
BATN 7476 Jul-29 Opinion: Olympics would light torch under transportation
BATN 7449 Jul-28 Parking fees for new San Mateo BART stops
BATN 7444 Jul-28 Fundraising Davis applauded for Caltrain upgrades
BATN 7443 Jul-28 Public projects feed local building industry

BATN 7437 Jul-28 Palo Alto Caltrain station rebuild wins fed funds
BATN 7434 Jul-27 Rulings threaten Bay Area transit spending
BATN 7387 Jul-25 City CarShare may expand to San Mateo
BATN 7383 Jul-25 MTC eyes other solutions to ridership court order
BATN 7382 Jul-25 MTC to fight court ruling, delays $9B in projects

BATN 7380 Jul-25 Smog rulings cloud future of MTC spending plans
BATN 7377 Jul-25 Menlo Park to put bike/ped tunnel on Nov. ballot
BATN 7375 Jul-25 Menlo Park to put bike/ped tunnel on fall ballot
BATN 7360 Jul-25 MTC to appeal order to increase transit ridership
BATN 7357 Jul-24 Menlo may put Caltrain bike/ped tunnel to voters

BATN 7356 Jul-23 Editorial: Car sharing may lighten smog, traffic
BATN 7305 Jul-18 Mr. Roadshow on SJ Diridon train station, parking
BATN 7301 Jul-18 Car-sharing gains speed
BATN 7296 Jul-18 Menlo Park to put Caltrain bike tunnel on ballot
BATN 7295 Jul-18 San Bruno Caltrain grade separations considered

BATN 7293 Jul-18 SF-LA High Speed Rail may open in 2010 or 2012
BATN 7290 Jul-18 Letter: Support Caltrain bike/ped underpass
BATN 7289 Jul-18 Caltrain electrification put back on track
BATN 7276 Jul-16 Cities vie for Caltrain "Baby Bullet" train stops
BATN 7275 Jul-16 Caltrain electrification rescued; doubts linger

BATN 7274 Jul-16 Mr. Roadshow on civilian "pace cars", Caltrain
BATN 7268 Jul-16 Caltrain "Baby Bullet" train name controversial
BATN 7264 Jul-16 34-year, $2 billion measure funds SCCo. roads
BATN 7259 Jul-12 Palo Alto car sharing program to be continued
BATN 7248 Jul-12 SamTrans OKs $2/day SMCo BART station parking fee

BATN 7247 Jul-12 Caltrain launches largest-ever upgrade project
BATN 7246 Jul-12 Editorial: Caltrain needs to electrify ASAP
BATN 7245 Jul-12 Opinion: All aboard for Caltrain electrification
BATN 7240 Jul-12 Caltrain puts electrification funds back on track
BATN 7237 Jul-10 Letter: SF diesel emissions, Caltrain electrification

BATN 7236 Jul-10 Lawsuits, delays raised VTA light rail price tag
BATN 7230 Jul-10 Column: All aboard for Caltrain electrification
BATN 7224 Jul-10 SF project update: Where are they now?
BATN 7216 Jul-8 San Jose light rail success can't be judged until billions more are spent
BATN 7215 Jul-8 Editorial: Amtrak subsidy should be directed to real transit needs

BATN 7204 Jul-7 Caltrain hits streets with weekend buses
BATN 7203 Jul-7 Ugly expressways high among SC valley drivers' complaints
BATN 7195 Jul-6 Muni settles neighborhood suit over ridership, service
BATN 7194 Jul-5 Weekend Caltrain to stop running for 2 years
BATN 7180 Jul-4 Editorial: Bailout gives Amtrak a chance to survive

BATN 7179 Jul-4 Letter: Fare hikes are discouraging
BATN 7158 Jul-3 Letter: Caltrain is getting better
BATN 7124 Jul-1 Passengers sad to see weekend trains go
BATN 7123 Jul-1 How BART fares compare with other systems'
BATN 7115 Jul-1 Transit friendly, rent friendly

BATN 7112 Jun-29 MTC "community transportation" grants announced
BATN 7111 Jun-29 Amtrak gets to stay on track
BATN 7108 Jun-29 Caltrain starts work on express tracks
BATN 7107 Jun-29 "Baby bullet" trains to speed up commute
BATN 7106 Jun-29 Big changes in store for Caltrain

BATN 7102 Jun-29 BART, VTA rubber-stamp extension alignment
BATN 7066 Jun-28 Baby Bullet Train Planned for SF/San Jose Route
BATN 7062 Jun-28 Editorial: Don't torture commuters
BATN 7056 Jun-27 Amtrak, administration reach tentative pact on budget rescue
BATN 7055 Jun-27 Bay Meadows recommendations head to San Mateo City Council

BATN 7034 Jun-26 Editorial: Overhaul Amtrak
BATN 7033 Jun-26 Mineta works to keep Amtrak on fiscal track
BATN 7031 Jun-26 Editorial: Let Amtrak roll on
BATN 7024 Jun-26 Caltrain officials consider Amtrak options
BATN 7020 Jun-26 SMCo. riders may get stuck with BART parking fees

BATN 7008 Jun-25 SMCTA needs higher profile, jury says
BATN 7003 Jun-25 Amtrak may be forced to shutdown without loan
BATN 7002 Jun-25 Amtrak shutdown appears averted
BATN 6977 Jun-24 Mr Roadshow: Caltrain stiffed again, Hwy 87, etc
BATN 6966 Jun-24 Amtrak Losses Could Derail State Service

BATN 6961 Jun-23 Caltrain: Service OK if Amtrak defaults
BATN 6945 Jun-23 Amtrak crisis could halt state service
BATN 6944 Jun-23 Amtrak demands huge loan to survive
BATN 6875 Jun-20 Caltrain to temporarily end weekend service
BATN 6856 Jun-18 Caltrain, VTA drop quake insurance

BATN 6834 Jun-18 Editorial: Call off the daily commute
BATN 6831 Jun-18 Caltrain plan derailed
BATN 6830 Jun-18 VTA defunding Caltrain electrification
BATN 6804 Jun-13 MTC delays transportation plan (TIP) hearing
BATN 6778 Jun-10 Deaths on the rails leave scars for engineers long after they occur

BATN 6777 Jun-11 Mr Roadshow: SF 3rd St LRT, motorcycle passing, BART soundwalls, etc
BATN 6769 Jun-11 Column: Caltrain stations spur urban renaissance
BATN 6766 Jun-11 SCCo. may not fund Caltrain electrification share
BATN 6736 Jun-8 SamTrans proposes sweeping bus service cuts
BATN 6733 Jun-8 VTA stalls Caltrain budget; saving funds for BART

BATN 6728 Jun-8 VTA balks at its $2.9M share of electric Caltrain
BATN 6724 Jun-8 VTA has month to find $2.8M for electric Caltrain
BATN 6717 Jun-7 Caltrain hits woman on tracks at San Carlos depot
BATN 6711 Jun-6 Caltrain severs woman's legs at San Carlos depot
BATN 6708 Jun-6 Woman hit at San Carlos Caltrain depot loses legs

BATN 6703 Jun-6 No electric Caltrain funding until 2012, VTA says
BATN 6682 Jun-5 Caltrain electrification funds may go to SJ BART
BATN 6679 Jun-5 SCCo. backs off electric Caltrain due to SJ BART
BATN 6678 Jun-4 ACE, Caltrain service halted for forgotten lunch
BATN 6677 Jun-4 Caltrain ridership down, but beginning to rebound

BATN 6668 Jun-4 Bio-tech industy affected by worker commutes
BATN 6667 Jun-4 Mr. Roadshow on BART to SJ airport
BATN 6664 Jun-4 Senators discuss raising SF Bay Area bridge tolls
BATN 6662 Jun-4 Column: BART link to SJ airport people mover
BATN 6661 Jun-4 $3 Bay Area bridge toll proposal picks up speed

BATN 6649 Jun-3 Caltrain to pull smelly Metra cars out of service
BATN 6648 Jun-3 Mineta on new attacks, $75M for BART SFO
BATN 6640 Jun-4 Projects, upgrades promise relief for motorists
BATN 6627 Jun-2 Editorial: Important votes keep SJ BART on track
BATN 6623 Jun-1 VTA Riders Union's Eugene Bradley

BATN 6612 May-31 Column: Mineta on SJ, Peninsula BART; SFO runways
BATN 6610 May-31 BART OKs extension route to Santa Clara Caltrain
BATN 6576 May-30 SF Muni 3rd St. LRT expected to transform Bayview
BATN 6572 May-30 Column: Public wants SJ BART to go to SJ airport
BATN 6571 May-30 SJ council OKs SJ BART extension routing details

BATN 6549 May-29 Mr Roadshow on carpool lanes
BATN 6548 May-29 Mineta stumps for BART extension to SFO
BATN 6547 May-29 Two key SJ BART meetings set this week
BATN 6546 May-29 Decision-time coming for BART-to-San Jose project
BATN 6539 May-29 SJ council endorses Santa Clara St. BART route

BATN 6538 May-29 Caltrain halted when workers sever gas line
BATN 6536 May-29 High speed rail may end Peninsula freight trains
BATN 6534 May-23 Costa adds $3B to high-speed rail bill for SF-SJ
BATN 6533 May-23 Letter: Caltrain Hayward Park station complaints
BATN 6517 May-22 Caltrain halted by Sunnyvale gas leak

BATN 6502 May-20 BART thrown off track by ridership, revenue drop
BATN 6494 May-19 Samtrans plans to eliminate, reduce bus routes
BATN 6443 May-15 Menlo businesses oppose Caltrain bike/ped tunnel
BATN 6427 May-14 Bike to Work Week begins today
BATN 6409 May-14 ACE, Capitol ridership off; UP track delays cited

BATN 6401 May-11 Column: Scanlon popular; SMCo. transit sales tax
BATN 6373 May-9 Transportation citizens advisory group proposed
BATN 6365 May-8 Caltrain seeks feedback on proposed service cuts
BATN 6351 May-7 Column: Caltrain key to San Mateo Co rail transit
BATN 6339 May-7 Financial hits pound Bay Area transit operators

BATN 6328 May-7 Bay Area residents oppose high-rise housing plans
BATN 6321 May-7 Dumbarton concerns aired at Bay Crossings meeting
BATN 6320 May-4 N. SMCo. free shuttles supplement transit lines
BATN 6250 May-2 VTA set to hike fares, slash service, lay off 300
BATN 6234 Apr-30 Bike to Work Day promotes health, environment

BATN 6231 Apr-30 Free train station shuttles are a transit bargain
BATN 6222 Apr-30 Burlingame to study how to handle BART traffic
BATN 6217 Apr-29 Dumbarton Bridge corridor virtually forgotten
BATN 6207 Apr-28 Palo Alto favors Dumbarton rail over road project
BATN 6194 Apr-27 Letter: Caltrain "Baby Bullet" just express train

BATN 6193 Apr-27 Caltrain express track project delayed until July
BATN 6187 Apr-25 Caltrain hits man at Sunnyvale station
BATN 6182 Apr-25 Caltrain service resumes after man is hit
BATN 6168 Apr-25 On-line transit trip planning service expands
BATN 6167 Apr-25 Bay Area train crashes rare despite heavy traffic

BATN 6164 Apr-25 Letter: Is there a new Bay bridge in our future?
BATN 6148 Apr-23 Column: Scanlon to recommend BART/SFO parking fee
BATN 6144 Apr-23 Neighbors fret over SJ train station area future
BATN 6139 Apr-22 BART sells off company cars; VTA, Caltrain cuts
BATN 6116 Apr-19 provides trip planning

BATN 6111 Apr-19 Column: Peninsula BART extension push heating up
BATN 6107 Apr-18 ACE, Capitol commuter trains show ridership gains
BATN 6089 Apr-16 Editorial: Caltrain fare hikes counterproductive
BATN 6088 Apr-16 Caltrain slowed by debris placed on tracks
BATN 6084 Apr-18 San Jose downtown parking rate hike recommended

BATN 6067 Apr-17 Caltrain express work delayed at least until July
BATN 6066 Apr-16 SMCo. officials oppose new mid-Bay bridge
BATN 6061 Apr-16 Caltrain riders say weekend shutdown inconvenient
BATN 6045 Apr-16 SF Muni campaign aims to give drivers a break
BATN 6044 Apr-16 Mr. Roadshow on transit farebox recovery

BATN 6039 Apr-16 BART, Caltrain to fuse into "seamless" system
BATN 6031 Apr-16 Caltrain to suspend weekend service for 2 years
BATN 6011 Apr-11 SamTrans fares to climb on Aug. 25th
BATN 6010 Apr-11 SamTrans board approves fare increase
BATN 6006 Apr-11 Opinion: Kudos & dingbats in public transit

BATN 6005 Apr-11 Column: VTA needs tax revenue, so start spending
BATN 6002 Apr-11 City CarShare eyeing Peninsula presence
BATN 5983 Apr-10 Forum on future of Bay Area transportation
BATN 5970 Apr-8 California high-speed rail plans accelerate
BATN 5964 Apr-6 Redwood City may expand taxi shuttle to downtown

BATN 5963 Apr-6 Caltrain, other transit agencies face fare hikes
BATN 5962 Apr-6 Caltrain awards $65M contract for express tracks
BATN 5961 Apr-6 Caltrain Salinas extension planning on the agenda
BATN 5959 Apr-6 Friends to ride in memory of killed Menlo cyclist
BATN 5957 Apr-6 Caltrain to hike fares, cut trains, stop weekends

BATN 5941 Apr-5 SMCo. D.A. to review Menlo Park bicyclist's death
BATN 5930 Apr-5 SamTrans proposes rate hike
BATN 5929 Apr-5 Caltrain directors approve 15% fare increase
BATN 5928 Apr-5 Caltrain OKs 10% fare hike; midday discount axed
BATN 5923 Apr-5 New transbay crossing cost estimates go sky-high

BATN 5922 Apr-5 New Bay crossing costs appear to be prohibitive
BATN 5920 Apr-4 Menlo Park bicyclist dies after being hit by car
BATN 5917 Apr-4 Caltrain slows for 17 switches in need of repairs
BATN 5892 Apr-3 New Bay tube or bridge too costly, leaders say
BATN 5861 Apr-2 Burlingame eyes new stoplight near Caltrain depot

BATN 5857 Apr-2 Caltrain allows food, drink, alcohol consumption
BATN 5853 Apr-2 Caltrain strikes, kills Burlingame track-walker
BATN 5852 Apr-2 Man killed walking into path of Caltrain
BATN 5811 Mar-29 Palo Alto Caltrain bike tunnel plan wins kudos
BATN 5809 Mar-29 Letter: Caltrain fare hike not what riders need

BATN 5801 Mar-28 SJ I-880 roadwork closings; Caltrain to Giants
BATN 5799 Mar-28 Amtrak to end SFO-Emeryville feeder bus service
BATN 5790 Mar-28 Caltrain fare increase hearing on April 4
BATN 5776 Mar-28 Caltrain to run buses during weekend shutdowns
BATN 5758 Mar-27 Letters: SUV ethics; Caltrain fare hike will hurt

BATN 5750 Mar-27 Transit agencies eye fare hikes and service cuts
BATN 5718 Mar-24 Some seek more melodious Caltrain horns
BATN 5717 Mar-24 Caltrain plans 15% fare hike
BATN 5715 Mar-24 Letter: Caltrain not thinking of riders
BATN 5714 Mar-24 BART SFO/Millbrae extension on track for fall

BATN 5691 Mar-21 MTC expands TransLink regional fare payment test
BATN 5681 Mar-20 Letter: Caltrain service not user-friendly
BATN 5680 Mar-20 MTC to issue 3,000 more TransLink "smart cards"
BATN 5661 Mar-20 Caltrain to consider 15% fare hike
BATN 5660 Mar-20 Caltrain to hold fare increase hearing April 4

BATN 5659 Mar-20 Caltrain officials consider 10-15% fare hike
BATN 5638 Mar-19 Editorial: State high-speed rail ready for debate
BATN 5614 Mar-19 BART spokesman says economy will lift ridership
BATN 5605 Mar-16 Palo Alto may OK $196M Caltrain station overhaul
BATN 5597 Mar-16 Editorial: Caltrain fare hikes could be ruinous

BATN 5590 Mar-16 MTC statement clears release of fed highway funds
BATN 5576 Mar-16 Steam engine 2472 to make Caltrain line demo runs
BATN 5567 Mar-15 San Benito Co. RTP funds Hollister Caltrain study
BATN 5545 Mar-14 Redwood City to study rail link to Seaport area
BATN 5533 Mar-13 Caltrain to launch on-board etiquette campaign

BATN 5529 Mar-13 San Mateo Co. TA elects new officers
BATN 5524 Mar-13 Prop. 42 to bring $23M per year to San Mateo Co.
BATN 5492 Mar-12 BART confident SamTrans can operate SFO extension
BATN 5488 Mar-12 Prop. 42 passage signals voter priorities to pols
BATN 5456 Mar-8 Caltrain plans 10% fare hike, service cuts

BATN 5433 Mar-8 California seeks its fair share of Amtrak funds
BATN 5403 Mar-5 New San Mateo Caltrain shuttle quintuples service
BATN 5395 Mar-5 Bay Area transit operators skidding on red ink
BATN 5383 Mar-4 Prop. 42 commits gas tax funds to transportation
BATN 5380 Mar-4 BART/SFO gives VIPs, press a 10 mph preview ride

BATN 5370 Mar-4 Officials predict fall opening for BART/SFO line
BATN 5365 Mar-2 Historic #2472 steam engine to ply Caltrain line
BATN 5346 Mar-2 Dublin BART line only direct route planned to SFO
BATN 5341 Mar-1 SMCo. gets Caltrain grade separation study grant
BATN 5334 Mar-1 Prop. 42 devotes funds to transportation needs

BATN 5332 Mar-1 MotivePower wins $14M Caltrain locomotive deal
BATN 5326 Feb-28 Caltrain seeks input on proposed schedule changes
BATN 5323 Feb-28 San Carlos names panel to help guide Caltrain TOD
BATN 5313 Feb-26 VTA sets meetings on service cuts, fare increases
BATN 5283 Feb-24 Editorial: Yes on 42; corrects legacy of neglect

BATN 5274 Feb-24 Burlingame road resurfacing may be done at night
BATN 5271 Feb-23 Pleasanton may act on historic train plan March 5
BATN 5256 Feb-23 SF Muni chief Burns pushes for transit-only lanes
BATN 5240 Feb-22 SFO BART, AirTrain people-mover to open this fall
BATN 5156 Feb-18 San Mateo Co. Hwy 101 ramp meter study approved

BATN 5154 Feb-18 Opinion: Caltrain weekend shutdown analogy false
BATN 5148 Feb-16 Letter: Bicyclists meet, marry on Caltrain
BATN 5122 Feb-15 Letters: Stop SFO runways; Link shuttle, Caltrain
BATN 5120 Feb-15 Caltrain rewards safe behavior with train tickets
BATN 5069 Feb-12 Dukakis calls for increased rail funding, CA HSR

BATN 5048 Feb-9 Letter: Eliminate Menlo Park Caltrain crossings
BATN 5033 Feb-8 Caltrain, SamTrans revenues down, may trim budget
BATN 5021 Feb-8 Caltrain ridership down 8.3% from last year
BATN 5012 Feb-8 Caltrain to discourage on-board cell phone use
BATN 5011 Feb-8 Caltrain plans cell phone etiquette campaign

BATN 5000 Feb-8 Funding cuts threaten key road, rail projects
BATN 4988 Feb-7 Caltrain to launch cell phone politeness campaign
BATN 4974 Feb-6 Lantos lauds $100M BART SFO funds in Bush budget
BATN 4959 Feb-6 Bay Bridge milestones chronology
BATN 4942 Feb-4 Opinion: MTC Bay Crossings Study examines options

BATN 4936 Feb-4 "New Urbanism" sprawl fight; why no BA presence?
BATN 4929 Feb-3 Caltrain, SamTrans name new COO
BATN 4924 Feb-3 Commuters testing TransLink transit "smart card"
BATN 4923 Feb-3 TransLink universal fare card debuts in Bay Area
BATN 4915 Feb-3 Caltrain hits boy, 10, playing game of "chicken"

BATN 4914 Feb-3 Boy playing chicken gets himself hit by Caltrain
BATN 4912 Feb-3 Caltrain hits 10-year-old boy playing "chicken"
BATN 4911 Feb-3 Caltrain injures San Mateo boy playing "chicken"
BATN 4910 Feb-1 MTC TransLink farecard debuts today in Bay Area
BATN 4909 Feb-1 Thousands test hi-tech TransLink transit farecard

BATN 4895 Feb-1 MTC debuts TransLink universal transit farecard
BATN 4894 Feb-1 MTC releases TransLink universal transit farecard
BATN 4878 Feb-1 Caltrain kills trespasser near Belmont station
BATN 4868 Jan-31 Caltrain hopes deputies cut suicides, vandalism
BATN 4845 Jan-31 Letters: Caltrain shutdown; Sand Hill Rd widening

BATN 4797 Jan-29 SMCo. Supes OK SamTrans, Caltrain sheriff deal
BATN 4793 Jan-29 San Mateo eyes putting Caltrain underground
BATN 4790 Jan-28 New SamTrans "owl" bus routes gaining ridership
BATN 4787 Jan-28 San Mateo Bay Meadows site plan to emphasize TOD
BATN 4780 Jan-28 BART/SFO extension, Caltrain spur Peninsula TODs

BATN 4770 Jan-27 Palo Alto OKs work on Caltrain bike/ped tunnel
BATN 4769 Jan-27 Letter: Caltrain weekend shutdown the best option
BATN 4766 Jan-26 Opinion: Ensure VTA keeps its Caltrain promises
BATN 4765 Jan-26 Opinion: Caltrain shutdown editorial lacked logic
BATN 4764 Jan-26 Gilroy Caltrain funds may help Palo Alto workers

BATN 4759 Jan-26 Sheriff's deputies to patrol SamTrans, Caltrain
BATN 4758 Jan-26 Caltrain Express station list includes Hillsdale
BATN 4733 Jan-25 Editorial: Caltrain weekend bus plan needs work
BATN 4724 Jan-25 State funds Gilroy Caltrain service improvements
BATN 4723 Jan-25 Davis gives Caltrain Gilroy service a $22M boost

BATN 4722 Jan-24 VTA to hold Meas. B Caltrain improvement meetings
BATN 4693 Jan-23 Menlo Park bike/ped Caltrain tunnel work advances
BATN 4692 Jan-23 90-min Menlo Park Caltrain crossing sting nets 8
BATN 4672 Jan-21 Union City transit hub near BART "key to future"
BATN 4668 Jan-21 New SamTrans bus service to help night workers

BATN 4654 Jan-19 Caltrain deaths on the decline
BATN 4653 Jan-19 Editorial: Time to reconsider Caltrain shutdown
BATN 4640 Jan-19 State high-speed rail plans move forward
BATN 4638 Jan-18 $200M Palo Alto Caltrain & bus hub still on track
BATN 4637 Jan-17 Mountain View wins prize for housing near transit

BATN 4627 Jan-17 High-Speed Rail Authority narrows possible routes
BATN 4626 Jan-17 Samtrans holds kickoff for 24-hour bus service
BATN 4613 Jan-17 CA high-speed rail may tunnel through mountains
BATN 4612 Jan-17 High-speed rail route may shift to avoid tunnels
BATN 4600 Jan-17 Deputies to patrol Caltrain track, SamTrans buses

BATN 4599 Jan-17 Caltrain OKs new cops, locomotives; board changes
BATN 4597 Jan-17 Dumbarton rail line a top priority for Schmidt
BATN 4590 Jan-16 SamTrans adding 24-hr service, changing routes
BATN 4573 Jan-15 SamTrans to start new 24-hour bus service Jan. 20
BATN 4569 Jan-15 Gonzales faces SJ BART challenge as new VTA chair

BATN 4544 Jan-12 Caltrain won't exempt Giants on weekend shutdowns
BATN 4543 Jan-12 Caltrain ridership down as high tech jobs plunge
BATN 4542 Jan-12 Caltrain, ferries ridership hit by economic lull
BATN 4541 Jan-12 Caltrain OKs purchase of 6 new diesel locomotives
BATN 4540 Jan-12 New sheriff patrols for SamTrans buses, Caltrain

BATN 4537 Jan-12 Deputies to patrol SamTrans buses and Caltrain
BATN 4536 Jan-12 Letters: MTC invests in transit; Fuel cell vs oil
BATN 4533 Jan-12 Buses to replace Caltrain on weekends for 2 years
BATN 4528 Jan-11 Samtrans reappoints incumbents; OKs sheriffs deal
BATN 4527 Jan-11 All-night Samtrans bus riles Palo Alto neighbors

BATN 4526 Jan-11 Caltrain, Samtrans to add 6 sheriff's deputies
BATN 4512 Jan-11 Column: Caltrain has the right of way, always
BATN 4503 Jan-10 Millbrae Caltrain depot heir too late for a claim
BATN 4501 Jan-10 Economy may delay key SCCo VTA transport projects
BATN 4489 Jan-10 Menlo Park to ask US, Caltrain to cut horn noise

BATN 4488 Jan-10 Samtrans, Caltrain boards to vote on more police
BATN 4487 Jan-10 Caltrain, Samtrans may add SMCo. sheriff deputies
BATN 4486 Jan-10 Caltrain eying more cops to patrol trains, tracks
BATN 4485 Jan-10 Salinas Caltrain extension study to begin in May
BATN 4484 Jan-10 San Mateo OKs study to raise 3 Caltrain bridges

BATN 4474 Jan-9 Samtrans board member says public being shut out
BATN 4473 Jan-9 Menlo Park options to cut Caltrain horns are few
BATN 4462 Jan-8 Some oppose San Carlos Caltrain TOD housing plans
BATN 4449 Jan-8 Letter: Electrified express trains beat BART
BATN 4448 Jan-8 Mountain View replica SP depot colors miff buffs

BATN 4447 Jan-8 Historic Millbrae Caltrain depot fate uncertain
BATN 4446 Jan-8 Caltrain to buy 6 new engines for express trains
BATN 4439 Jan-8 San Mateo luxury transit condos close to approval
BATN 4437 Jan-8 Menlo Park to debate cutting Caltrain horn noise
BATN 4425 Jan-8 SMCo. eyes Hwy 101 ramp meters; more shuttles

BATN 4424 Jan-8 Caltrain eyes free rides for cops; sheriffs deal
BATN 4423 Jan-8 Stanford OKs Menlo Park Caltrain bike/ped tunnel
BATN 4422 Jan-8 Letter: Cost of Peninsula BART extension to SJ
BATN 4414 Jan-5 San Mateo to discuss Caltrain bridge replacements
BATN 4410 Jan-5 Caltrain kills transient pushing cart over tracks

BATN 4409 Jan-5 Man killed at Caltrain crossing in Menlo Park
BATN 4398 Jan-4 Woman's Caltrain death ruled accident by default
BATN 4397 Jan-4 Opinion: SJ BART extension should go up Peninsula
BATN 4388 Jan-3 Evidence for suicide lacking in Caltrain death
BATN 4384 Jan-2 Upset woman killed by Caltrain had been drinking

BATN 4381 Jan-2 Apparent Caltrain death an "usual situation"
BATN 4380 Jan-2 Woman hurls herself into passing Caltrain, dies
BATN 4379 Jan-2 New Year's Eve Caltrain death suspected suicide
BATN 4378 Jan-2 Woman's body found on San Bruno Caltrain tracks
BATN 4375 Jan-2 Economic woes hit San Mateo Caltrain shuttle plan

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