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Transportation Authority of Monterey County (TAMC)
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In the Media...

Monterey/Salinas Shuttle to GIlroy Caltrain...
South of Gilroy Expansion: Hollister, Salinas, Monterey.

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    3/1/2001 Pajaro Valley Rail Station

    9/13/2001 San Jose to Salinas Caltrain extensionas part of settlement lawsuit

    1997 PR2k Newsletter Article

    Another Analysis of Monterey Proposals [does not reflect the opinion of BayRail Alliance]

    CalTrain Extension to Hollister

    San Francisco-San Jose, California

    The Council of San Benito County Governments is proposing an extension of Caltrain service approximately 13 miles south from the current terminus in Gilroy, along an existing rail line, to the City of Hollister, located in the southeast portion of the San Francisco Bay Region. Hollister is the population center for San Benito County, the fasted growing county in California over the past five years. Hollister has grown in response to the increasing demand for affordable housing for Silicon Valley workers. Further planning, regional consensus building, and public involvement are needed to determine the specific technology and frequency of rail service for the proposed corridor. Total capital costs for upgrading the existing freight rail line are estimated at $15 million.

    Through FY 2001, Congress has appropriated $0.99 million in Section 5309 New Starts funds for this effort.

    Salinas Goals for 2001:

    Goal #3

    8. Meet with Santa Clara Transportation Agencies to extend CalTrain to Salinas and obtain final commitments.

    Responsibility: City Manager

    Action Date: Ongoing

    Action Date: November 30, 2001 for final commitments



    The TAMC Board took action regarding several aspects of the TAMC rail program. These actions are designed to initiate preliminary design of the stations and rail improvements for the Caltrain Extension to Monterey County, and to continue work on the rail acquisition and improvements needed to bring Intercity Rail Service to the Monterey Peninsula. The Board:

    § Approved the application for $20 million in Traffic Congestion Relief Act (TCRA) funds for Commuter Rail Service to Monterey County. The application sets forth the funding plan and schedule for capital improvements required to extend Caltrain service to Pajaro, Castroville and Salinas and will be submitted to the California Transportation Commission (CTC) for approval at the July 11-12 meeting.

    § Approved a contract for $10,000 with Parsons Transportation Group for on-call consulting service. Parsons will assist staff with the preparation of the application for $20 million in California Traffic Congestion Relief Act (TCRA) funds and the application for Proposition 116 Rail Bond funds for commuter rail service to Monterey County.

    § Approved Phase I Scope of Work to prepare preliminary designs for the station and yard improvements for the Caltrain Extension to Monterey County and authorized release of Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to list of potential rail consultants.

    § The Board received a report on the Right of Entry Agreement with Union Pacific Railroad and updated schedule for STV consultant work on the Monterey Branch Line. The final report on the required track improvements for the branch line is due from STV in January, 2002.

    § The Board approved the Union Pacific Northern California Rail Network Simulation Agreement. The Agreement provides for a track capacity analysis of the Union Pacific mainline in Northern California, extending to Salinas and the Monterey Branch Line. This study will determine if the existing infrastructure can accommodate more trains and what improvements could be required to provide additional service.

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