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south_county_rail 2002

BATN 8979 Oct-25 S SCCo Measure B road, Caltrain funds shift north
BATN 8686 Oct-9 Monterey-SF rail service linked to depot struggle
BATN 8604 Oct-5 California freeway congestion growing, spreading
BATN 8596 Oct-4 "Rideshare Week" carpoolers can win vacations
BATN 8347 Sep-21 Davis cans 'inappropriate' HSR-linked fund-raiser

BATN 8278 Sep-17 Editorial: Smiles for Caltrans, Caltrain bus link
BATN 8212 Sep-10 Monterey-Salinas Transit debuts Caltrain bus link
BATN 8209 Sep-10 Monterey-Salinas Transit begins Caltrain bus link
BATN 8182 Sep-9 Caltrain turns to Monterey
BATN 7928 Aug-23 Amtrak riders take Hayward derailment in stride

BATN 7565 Aug-2 Mr Roadshow lists Bay Area highway, rail projects
BATN 7158 Jul-3 Letter: Caltrain is getting better
BATN 7124 Jul-1 Passengers sad to see weekend trains go
BATN 7106 Jun-29 Big changes in store for Caltrain
BATN 6881 Jun-20 Mr Roadshow: Hwy 1/68 freeway speed survey, etc

BATN 6778 Jun-10 Deaths on the rails leave scars for engineers long after they occur
BATN 6667 Jun-4 Mr. Roadshow on BART to SJ airport
BATN 6610 May-31 BART OKs extension route to Santa Clara Caltrain
BATN 6424 May-14 Editorial: Rail won't work in Santa Cruz Co.
BATN 6148 Apr-23 Column: Scanlon to recommend BART/SFO parking fee

BATN 5961 Apr-6 Caltrain Salinas extension planning on the agenda
BATN 5857 Apr-2 Caltrain allows food, drink, alcohol consumption
BATN 5781 Mar-28 Officials discuss Hollister Hwy 25 future
BATN 5641 Mar-19 SMCo. museum features Peninsula commuting exhibit
BATN 5567 Mar-15 San Benito Co. RTP funds Hollister Caltrain study

BATN 5490 Mar-12 Comment: Smart Growth killing single-family homes
BATN 5064 Feb-11 Letters: Should we let Amtrak die?
BATN 4724 Jan-25 State funds Gilroy Caltrain service improvements
BATN 4722 Jan-24 VTA to hold Meas. B Caltrain improvement meetings
BATN 4485 Jan-10 Salinas Caltrain extension study to begin in May

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