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Media News
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capitol 2002

BATN 8990 Oct-25 Capitol Corridor adds additional round-trip train
BATN 8963 Oct-24 Amtrak Capitol Corridor adds 2 new trains

BATN 8881 Oct-21 Regional transportation measures on Nov. 5 ballot
BATN 8876 Oct-21 BART director Tom Blalock seeks 3rd term
BATN 8854 Oct-18 Capitol Corridor line to receive $88M in upgrades
BATN 8775 Oct-13 Editorial: Capitol Corridor sets model for nation
BATN 8731 Oct-11 Union City wins $500K grant to study bus/rail hub

BATN 8487 Sep-29 Amtrak Capitol Corridor to get $88M in upgrades
BATN 8450 Sep-27 Amtrak begins $88M Oakland-San Jose line upgrade
BATN 8406 Sep-26 Capitols $88M improvement plan kickoff ceremony
BATN 8401 Sep-25 Dixon-Auburn commuter rail to resemble Caltrain
BATN 8382 Sep-24 Dixon-Davis-Sacramento-Auburn commuter rail eyed

BATN 8193 Sep-9 Mr Roadshow: Smog Check II, 87 HOV, Capitols, etc
BATN 8047 Aug-30 Assembly OKs $10B CA high-speed rail bond measure
BATN 8014 Aug-29 Groups to hold CA high-speed rail forum at SJSU
BATN 7986 Aug-26 I-80 Bay Area-Sacramento traffic steadily worsens
BATN 7929 Aug-23 Amtrak train derails in Hayward; 7 minor injuries

BATN 7908 Aug-22 Amtrak train derails in Hayward; 7 minor injuries
BATN 7855 Aug-19 Fairfield-SF commuting wrap-up
BATN 7839 Aug-18 Eating and drinking on area's rail systems
BATN 7713 Aug-11 CA high-speed rail may stop in Fremont/Union City
BATN 7551 Aug-2 Comment: Can we afford more BART?

BATN 7264 Jul-16 34-year, $2 billion measure funds SCCo. roads
BATN 7180 Jul-4 Editorial: Bailout gives Amtrak a chance to survive
BATN 7112 Jun-29 MTC "community transportation" grants announced
BATN 7111 Jun-29 Amtrak gets to stay on track
BATN 7081 Jun-28 Editorial: Public Rails, Public Money

BATN 7034 Jun-26 Editorial: Overhaul Amtrak
BATN 7033 Jun-26 Mineta works to keep Amtrak on fiscal track
BATN 7003 Jun-25 Amtrak may be forced to shutdown without loan
BATN 7002 Jun-25 Amtrak shutdown appears averted
BATN 6971 Jun-24 Route 84 plan on the road to nowhere?

BATN 6945 Jun-23 Amtrak crisis could halt state service
BATN 6944 Jun-23 Amtrak demands huge loan to survive
BATN 6925 Jun-21 State's trains riding on Amtrak's fate
BATN 6918 Jun-21 Fairfield council votes for station despite bigger bill
BATN 6817 Jun-13 Train kills trespasser on tracks in Richmond

BATN 6655 Jun-4 $3 Bay Area bridge toll clears legislative hurdle
BATN 6610 May-31 BART OKs extension route to Santa Clara Caltrain
BATN 6492 May-18 Letters: Ease traffic with smart growth, transit
BATN 6410 May-14 Editorial: Get SJ train commuters back on track
BATN 6409 May-14 ACE, Capitol ridership off; UP track delays cited

BATN 6386 May-10 Editorial: Solano rail a good idea in theory only
BATN 6374 May-10 California may get billions for rail, highways
BATN 6324 May-7 Capitols alter schedule, hikes multi-ride fares
BATN 6317 May-3 Solano Co. cities eye trains to help ease traffic
BATN 6231 Apr-30 Free train station shuttles are a transit bargain

BATN 6167 Apr-25 Bay Area train crashes rare despite heavy traffic
BATN 6144 Apr-23 Neighbors fret over SJ train station area future
BATN 6140 Apr-22 Berkeley wants to restore historic SP train depot
BATN 5946 Apr-6 CTC OKs $717M for San Jose BART extension
BATN 5909 Apr-3 Amtrak Capitols trains to offer business class

BATN 5799 Mar-28 Amtrak to end SFO-Emeryville feeder bus service
BATN 5767 Mar-27 Solano Co. "S-BART" diesel commuter rail proposed
BATN 5709 Mar-24 Comment: Congress should look at California rail
BATN 5507 Mar-13 Editorial: Sierra-Nevada trains vs. I-80 gridlock
BATN 5477 Mar-10 Amtrak long-distance trains may fade into history

BATN 5433 Mar-8 California seeks its fair share of Amtrak funds
BATN 5431 Mar-8 Letter: Fairfield must improve train track safety
BATN 5371 Mar-4 Column: Ailing Amtrak has no deficit of devotees
BATN 5363 Mar-2 Sacramento train depot to get some improvements
BATN 5243 Feb-22 Amtrak California reports record ridership

BATN 5174 Feb-18 Amtrak Capitol trains quiet cars get rave reviews
BATN 5173 Feb-18 Capitol train kills man in Oakland, delayed 115m
BATN 5139 Feb-16 US House debates whether to break up Amtrak
BATN 5064 Feb-11 Letters: Should we let Amtrak die?
BATN 5062 Feb-10 Amtrak running "on fumes," Dukakis says

BATN 4984 Feb-6 Editorial: Skoropowski on national passenger rail
BATN 4955 Feb-6 Amtrak cuts threaten national rail system
BATN 4926 Feb-3 Capitol train free transfer program expands
BATN 4717 Jan-24 Amtrak Capitols to feature free internet access
BATN 4672 Jan-21 Union City transit hub near BART "key to future"

BATN 4652 Jan-19 Fremont plans may squeeze Centerville ACE parking

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