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Electrification of Caltrain

Full system electrification (conversion of Caltrain to electric propulsion) is the most important improvement towards achieving a truly modern and convenient rail transit system.

Caltrain downtown San Francisco extension

The extension of Caltrain just over a mile from its current San Francisco terminus at Fourth and Townsend to downtown is needed to bridge a frustrating gap in the Bay Area's transit systems as well as connect the various systems in one transit hub. Because elected officials and transportation planners failed to make this extension a priority, a grassroots campaign sponsored Proposition H, the Caltrain Downtown SF Station initiative, which passed by more than a 2-to-1 margin by San Francisco voters in November 1999.

Goals of BayRail Alliance

(Not necessarily in the order of priority)

  1. Increase Caltrain frequency from the present commuter-level service to transit-level (BART frequency).

  2. Electrify Caltrain to make it faster, quieter, and more efficient.

  3. Extend Caltrain to downtown San Francisco to link with BART, AC Transit, Golden Gate Transit, and direct Muni service to all parts of the City.

  4. Ring the Bay with rail by implementing East Bay rail transit to San Jose.

  5. Build a network of new trains linking the Peninsula, the East Bay, Livermore, Stockton, and Sacramento by using existing rail lines and the Dumbarton rail bridge.

  6. Improve Caltrain stations for better accessibility, comfort, and safety.

  7. Build a convenient connection between Caltrain and the San Francisco Airport.

  8. Develop a high-speed rail system between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

  9. Increase the cooperation of the many independent transit organizations in the planning and operation of a regional transit system.

  10. Provide improved intermodal connectivity by better connections between buses, trains, and other transit modes.
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