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  California High Speed Rail, last updated 2002
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Please note that the contents of this page, and information linked from this page, have not been updated since 2002.

French TGV High-Speed Train California High Speed Rail Train German InterCity Express (ICE) High-Speed Rail

What is High Speed Rail?

California voters could decide in November [2004] whether to spend billions of dollars to construct in 16 years a high-speed rail network that could zip them from the Bay Area to Los Angeles in 2-1/2 hours. More (last updated August 2002)...


SECTION 1. (a) In light of the events of September 11, 2001, it is very clear that a high-speed passenger train network as described in the High-Speed Rail Authority's Business Plan is essential for the transportation needs of the growing population and economic activity of this state.

" The day before the tragedy, Transportation Secretary (Norman) Mineta gave a speech in San Francisco where he lauded high-speed rail... In the wake of the atrocity, it's become even more urgent.
We've accelerated our planning process and environmental studies. Everyone is anxious to move more quickly.''
-9/25/01 Rod Diridon Sr.,
chairman of the California High Speed Rail Authority (CAHSR)

" Those of us who have been serving on this board are extremely frustrated...We are absolutely living in the dark ages here. We must do something to wake up the people of California. Unless we have a rail system we are going to be just mired in traffic."
- 10/9/01 Jerry Epstein, CAHSR Board Member

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What is High Speed Rail (HSR)?
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