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BATN 8980 Oct-25 Burlingame eyes future Hwy 101, Caltrain projects
BATN 8948 Oct-24 Caltrain news: fake bomb; possible suicide; new cars
BATN 8927 Oct-23 Amtrak warned of Acela undercarriage "defects"

BATN 8906 Oct-22 Caltrain "Baby Bullet" to make World Series run
BATN 8904 Oct-22 Caltrain to inaugurate Baby Bullet cars this week
BATN 8897 Oct-19 New old-fashioned Mtn View Caltrain depot to open
BATN 8840 Oct-18 Bombardier debuts high-speed "JetTrain" locomotive
BATN 8806 Oct-16 New jet-powered locomotive proposed for California

BATN 8804 Oct-16 Valley may lose voice in high-speed rail planning
BATN 8801 Oct-16 Letter: Peninsula BART extension redundant
BATN 8788 Oct-15 California bullet train concept picking up speed
BATN 8769 Oct-12 Weekend Caltrain replacement bus gets bad reviews
BATN 8747 Oct-11 High-Speed Rail Authority "conductor" to retire

BATN 8745 Oct-11 Bombardier to test permanent Amtrak Acela fix
BATN 8730 Oct-11 Anaheim-Las Vegas maglev study wins $125K pledge
BATN 8718 Oct-10 High-Speed Rail Authority hopes to link SF, LA
BATN 8684 Oct-9 Letter: Peninsula BART extension a waste of money
BATN 8682 Oct-8 Letter: HSR must first link Central Valley, Bay Area

BATN 8681 Oct-8 Letter: High-speed rail failure a certainty
BATN 8609 Oct-5 Letter: Diridon diverts statewide rail money to SJ
BATN 8604 Oct-5 California freeway congestion growing, spreading
BATN 8563 Oct-4 Davis vetoes 2nd SJ Valley seat on HSR Authority
BATN 8560 Oct-4 Davis vetoes bill to boost Valley's input on HSR

BATN 8528 Oct-2 Caltrain board member Lloyd receives Amtrak award
BATN 8496 Oct-1 St. Helena to Calistoga rail study approved
BATN 8491 Oct-1 Opinion: Keeping high-speed rail debate on track
BATN 8490 Sep-30 High-speed rail chief diverts attention from plan
BATN 8487 Sep-29 Amtrak Capitol Corridor to get $88M in upgrades

BATN 8404 Sep-26 Officials share vision for high-speed rail system
BATN 8399 Sep-25 Editorial: High-speed rail doubts
BATN 8395 Sep-25 Bombardier suing Amtrak over problem-plagued Acela
BATN 8389 Sep-24 High-speed rail implications focus of SJSU forum
BATN 8350 Sep-21 HSR plan details needed to sell voters in Nov '04

BATN 8349 Sep-21 Flap over HSR guest list derails Davis fundraiser
BATN 8348 Sep-21 Davis fund-raiser with HSR-boosters cancelled
BATN 8347 Sep-21 Davis cans 'inappropriate' HSR-linked fund-raiser
BATN 8346 Sep-21 Davis cancels event with high-speed rail boosters
BATN 8329 Sep-21 Davis nixes fund-raiser linked to high-speed rail

BATN 8328 Sep-21 Davis fund-raiser to follow CA HSR bond signing
BATN 8327 Sep-20 Davis fund-raiser follows $9.95B HSR bill signing
BATN 8326 Sep-20 CA high-speed rail bond may benefit Caltrain most
BATN 8325 Sep-21 High-speed rail bond issue heads to 2004 ballot
BATN 8324 Sep-21 High-speed rail measure to be decided by voters

BATN 8323 Sep-20 Davis signs bullet train legislation
BATN 8317 Sep-20 $9.95B high-speed rail bond OK'd for 2004 ballot
BATN 8316 Sep-20 Gov. Davis signs $9.95B high-speed rail bond bill
BATN 8296 Sep-18 High-speed rail forum in Oakland on Friday 9/20
BATN 8262 Sep-16 Union City pursues BART, ACE, Dumbarton rail TOD

BATN 8223 Sep-12 Opinion: California High Speed Rail boondoggles
BATN 8184 Sep-9 Amtrak's Gunn: national transportation system "in trouble"
BATN 8151 Sep-5 Editorial: High-speed rail needs process speed-up
BATN 8144 Sep-4 California High Speed Rail gains "track-tion"
BATN 8135 Sep-4 Editorial: High Speed Rail on track to '04 ballot

BATN 8120 Sep-4 $10B high-speed rail bond likely to go to voters
BATN 8119 Sep-4 New Bay Area ferry plan excludes Mountain View
BATN 8110 Sep-1 Acela troubles seen as pattern for Amtrak
BATN 8063 Aug-31 $9.95B high-speed rail bond measure reaches Davis
BATN 8048 Aug-30 Assembly barely passes $10B high-speed rail plan

BATN 8047 Aug-30 Assembly OKs $10B CA high-speed rail bond measure
BATN 8014 Aug-29 Groups to hold CA high-speed rail forum at SJSU
BATN 8013 Aug-29 Bill OK'd to extend CA High Speed Rail Authority
BATN 7994 Aug-26 Getting green redevelopment out of brownfields
BATN 7956 Aug-24 Letter: Exploratorium doesn't promote transit use

BATN 7911 Aug-22 Fresno seeks California high-speed rail station
BATN 7896 Aug-22 More cracks discovered on Amtrak Acela trains
BATN 7745 Aug-12 Amtrak rails against Bombardier Acela trains
BATN 7742 Aug-12 Letter: High-speed rail won't end in San Jose
BATN 7726 Aug-12 Comment: High-speed rail: smooth ride into future

BATN 7713 Aug-11 CA high-speed rail may stop in Fremont/Union City
BATN 7693 Aug-9 Comment: Don't end high-speed rail in San Jose
BATN 7688 Aug-9 Amtrak to blame for Acela woes, Bombardier says
BATN 7662 Aug-7 Comment: Time has come for Calif. high-speed rail
BATN 7653 Aug-7 Amtrak may trim Acela service over equipment woes

BATN 7651 Aug-7 Bombardier response to "alleged" Acela problems
BATN 7618 Aug-6 Belmont lobbies to be a Caltrain Baby Bullet stop
BATN 7505 Jul-31 Sierra Club rates national transportation projects
BATN 7502 Jul-31 Sierra Club report endorses CA high speed rail
BATN 7494 Jul-30 Report supports high speed rail, transit funding

BATN 7294 Jul-18 Sen. Hollings warns Bush to support Amtrak bill
BATN 7293 Jul-18 SF-LA High Speed Rail may open in 2010 or 2012
BATN 7271 Jul-16 MTC study: steep price to cut transbay congestion
BATN 7270 Jul-16 Which MTC recommendation should be top priority?
BATN 7268 Jul-16 Caltrain "Baby Bullet" train name controversial

BATN 7247 Jul-12 Caltrain launches largest-ever upgrade project
BATN 7224 Jul-10 SF project update: Where are they now?
BATN 7194 Jul-5 Weekend Caltrain to stop running for 2 years
BATN 7124 Jul-1 Passengers sad to see weekend trains go
BATN 7108 Jun-29 Caltrain starts work on express tracks

BATN 7107 Jun-29 "Baby bullet" trains to speed up commute
BATN 7106 Jun-29 Big changes in store for Caltrain
BATN 7081 Jun-28 Editorial: Public Rails, Public Money
BATN 7079 Jun-28 Amtrak Q&A with Washington Post writer Don Phillips
BATN 7066 Jun-28 Baby Bullet Train Planned for SF/San Jose Route

BATN 7033 Jun-26 Mineta works to keep Amtrak on fiscal track
BATN 6986 Jun-24 Opinion: No Way to Run a Railroad
BATN 6971 Jun-24 Route 84 plan on the road to nowhere?
BATN 6927 Jun-21 Bush Plan for Amtrak Shifts Costs to States
BATN 6926 Jun-21 NYT interview with Amtrak president David Gunn

BATN 6872 Jun-20 Column: High-speed rail: epic boondoggle
BATN 6831 Jun-18 Caltrain plan derailed
BATN 6775 Jun-11 Growth will compound state's problems
BATN 6714 Jun-6 Amtrak needs $200M loan to avoid July shut down
BATN 6690 Jun-5 Intercity rail: a revolution in short-haul trips

BATN 6664 Jun-4 Senators discuss raising SF Bay Area bridge tolls
BATN 6604 May-31 $9B CA high speed rail bond lacks 2/3-majority
BATN 6536 May-29 High speed rail may end Peninsula freight trains
BATN 6534 May-23 Costa adds $3B to high-speed rail bill for SF-SJ
BATN 6513 May-21 High-speed rail bill grows $3B for SF-SJ upgrades

BATN 6498 May-20 Letter: High-speed rail won't ease congestion
BATN 6492 May-18 Letters: Ease traffic with smart growth, transit
BATN 6377 May-10 Panel OKs Amtrak funds, $59B high-speed rail bill
BATN 6374 May-10 California may get billions for rail, highways
BATN 6359 May-8 Senate panel OKs California high-speed rail bill

BATN 6350 May-7 San Juan Capistrano opposes 2-mile rail tunnel
BATN 6349 May-7 Editorial: San Clemente high speed rail difficult
BATN 6348 May-7 Editorial: California ready for High Speed Rail
BATN 6250 May-2 VTA set to hike fares, slash service, lay off 300
BATN 6249 May-1 High Speed Rail show on KQED Radio Thu 5/2, 10 am

BATN 6222 Apr-30 Burlingame to study how to handle BART traffic
BATN 6194 Apr-27 Letter: Caltrain "Baby Bullet" just express train
BATN 6193 Apr-27 Caltrain express track project delayed until July
BATN 6147 Apr-23 Bay flotilla protests SFO runway expansion plans
BATN 6136 Apr-22 San Clemente officials fear high speed rail plans

BATN 6122 Apr-19 Amtrak 5-year federal funding increase approved
BATN 6120 Apr-19 Editorial: Pols "getting it" on high-speed rail
BATN 6071 Apr-18 Expert pushes high-tech SFO runway alternative
BATN 6041 Apr-16 Committee OKs extending High Speed Rail Authority
BATN 5970 Apr-8 California high-speed rail plans accelerate

BATN 5923 Apr-5 New transbay crossing cost estimates go sky-high
BATN 5922 Apr-5 New Bay crossing costs appear to be prohibitive
BATN 5915 Apr-4 New bridge, transbay tube would cost at least $8B
BATN 5892 Apr-3 New Bay tube or bridge too costly, leaders say
BATN 5888 Apr-3 Opinion: Keep Amtrak away from CA high-speed rail

BATN 5821 Mar-30 Books examine car dominance and effects on cities
BATN 5735 Mar-24 Letters: California high-speed rail
BATN 5699 Mar-22 Costa's $6B high-speed rail bond has good chance
BATN 5678 Mar-20 Work begins on 32-mile high-speed rail tunnel
BATN 5677 Mar-20 State High Speed Rail Authority meets in SF today

BATN 5643 Mar-20 Editorial: Time for high-speed rail; $6B a startHOTHOTHOT
BATN 5641 Mar-19 SMCo. museum features Peninsula commuting exhibit
BATN 5638 Mar-19 Editorial: State high-speed rail ready for debate
BATN 5597 Mar-16 Editorial: Caltrain fare hikes could be ruinous
BATN 5548 Mar-15 Riverside Co wants "Phase I" bullet train service

BATN 5547 Mar-15 Column: Transport upgrades & CA Governor's race
BATN 5546 Mar-14 Simitian: bullet train bond "on the right track"
BATN 5544 Mar-13 Costa, Angelides push $6B SF-LA bullet train bond
BATN 5543 Mar-13 SF-LA high-speed rail $6B bond issue proposed
BATN 5542 Mar-13 State lawmakers pitch $6B high-speed rail bond

BATN 5541 Mar-13 State high-speed rail advocates aim for $6B bond
BATN 5521 Mar-13 Letters: Bring Amtrak into 21st century
BATN 5506 Mar-13 Letter: Comparing Amtrak with Europe rail invalid
BATN 5503 Mar-13 Costa proposes bill to fund SF-LA high-speed railHOT
BATN 5502 Mar-13 SF-LA high-speed rail $6B bond measure proposedHOT

BATN 5462 Mar-10 Letter: SFO expansion studies needed to get facts
BATN 5433 Mar-8 California seeks its fair share of Amtrak funds
BATN 5429 Mar-8 Kings Co. becoming interested in high-speed rail
BATN 5333 Mar-1 Column: Something fishy about SFO expansion plan
BATN 5308 Feb-26 Letters: SFO expansion; Bridge tolls for transit

BATN 5297 Feb-25 Letters: SFO & high-speed rail; SFO construction
BATN 5288 Feb-25 Is high-speed rail wedded to Amtrak's future?
BATN 5242 Feb-22 Editorial: Valley gets high-speed rail voice back
BATN 5169 Feb-18 Opinion: Time to give up Amtrak long-distance
BATN 5166 Feb-18 California urban planning follows old approaches

BATN 5122 Feb-15 Letters: Stop SFO runways; Link shuttle, Caltrain
BATN 5102 Feb-14 SFO must expand for future growth, report says
BATN 5098 Feb-14 Davis supports full high speed rail study fundingHOT
BATN 5069 Feb-12 Dukakis calls for increased rail funding, CA HSR
BATN 5062 Feb-10 Amtrak running "on fumes," Dukakis says

BATN 4959 Feb-6 Bay Bridge milestones chronology
BATN 4957 Feb-6 Dukakis to speak on high-speed rail in Berkeley
BATN 4942 Feb-4 Opinion: MTC Bay Crossings Study examines options
BATN 4935 Feb-4 The Bay Bridge: "Where the Fault Lies" (Part 1/3)
BATN 4918 Feb-3 Amtrak cuts won't be enough; seeks $1.2B in aid

BATN 4793 Jan-29 San Mateo eyes putting Caltrain underground
BATN 4782 Jan-28 Opinion: I got Amtrak moving, now it's got to go
BATN 4766 Jan-26 Opinion: Ensure VTA keeps its Caltrain promises
BATN 4758 Jan-26 Caltrain Express station list includes Hillsdale
BATN 4732 Jan-25 Amtrak wins support of U.S. Conference of Mayors

BATN 4672 Jan-21 Union City transit hub near BART "key to future"
BATN 4640 Jan-19 State high-speed rail plans move forward
BATN 4627 Jan-17 High-Speed Rail Authority narrows possible routes
BATN 4613 Jan-17 CA high-speed rail may tunnel through mountains
BATN 4612 Jan-17 High-speed rail route may shift to avoid tunnels

BATN 4568 Jan-15 Davis budget finishes state high-speed rail study
BATN 4557 Jan-14 Letters: Race to LA was missing high speed rail
BATN 4484 Jan-10 San Mateo OKs study to raise 3 Caltrain bridges
BATN 4449 Jan-8 Letter: Electrified express trains beat BART

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