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High speed train crossing US 101
Caltrain Metro East

3D Vision for Caltrain
3D Vision for Caltrain

Bullet Train! California High Speed Rail
High Speed Rail

Caltrain Electrification
Caltrain Electrification

Downtown Extension
Downtown SF Extension

BayRail Alliance (formerly Peninsula Rail 2000) is an all volunteer transit consumer group working to realize a regional rail system that will ring the San Francisco Bay Area.

Key to this vision is an upgraded and expanded Caltrain system serving the Peninsula and San Jose-East Bay corridors. We also support the proposed California high speed 'bullet train' system, and integration of rail and other transit modes into a seamless system.


Slide presentation on Mini-Shinkansen from 7/20/06 BayRail Alliance meeting can be viewed in PDF file, 963kb
Caltrain schedule can be downloaded; also available for Palm OS).
BayRail Alliance's Proposal for Restructuring Transportation Governance in Santa Clara County (February 2005)


Caltrain: Baby Bullet, Electrification, SF Downtown Extension, Dumbarton bridge rail

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Quote of the Moment

"...Standard trains also serve more people. Expanding Caltrain and ACE would put us at the center of a six-county regional rail network. Commuters from everywhere from San Francisco to Stockton would have a direct high-frequency train to San Jose. Without another tax."

-- Mountain View Councilman Greg Perry, debating BART extension proponent in SJ Mercury News, May 8, 2005
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