Three Potential East Bay-South Bay Rail Routes

PR2000 proposes that these routes be funded through Alameda County's half-cent sales tax renewal

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Direct Oakland-San Jose express service (expansion of Capitols which continue north to Sacramento)
Altamont Commuter Express, expanded to all-day service in both directions
South Bay loop via Dumbarton rail bridge
BART (existing)
map, 19k GIF graphic

All stations except transfer stations between the proposed routes and BART have been omitted for clarity.

Instead of the Shinn station, local officials favor a transfer station north of the Shinn station at Union City. The Union City transfer would not provide a direct connection between BART and Altamont Commuter Express, or the proposed South Bay loop via Dumbarton depicted on this map. Union City is located where BART and the black line run parallel to each other north of Fremont.

As this map shows, the Shinn station is the one location where BART and all three proposed rail routes would intersect.

Although the black line is primarily intended to bridge the present Fremont-San Jose gap in commuter rail, it is proposed to continue all the way to Oakland. The purpose of this is to minimize the need for large numbers of riders to transfer at Fremont or Union City.

Also see a more detailed map of the .rail lines between Union City and San Jose

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Last updated: January 13, 1999

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