Rail lines between Union City and San Jose

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The former WP line through Milpitas is often referred to as the "UP line" because it was the only of the the three East Bay-San Jose lines that belonged to Union Pacific after UP acquired Western Pacific several years ago. Later UP merged with Southern Pacific, and all three lines are now owned by UP. In 1998, VTA studies favored the line labeled "former SP line" via Milpitas for proposed San Jose-Union City commuter rail. This routing is closest to I-880 and joins the Caltrain line just north of the SJ Diridon/Arena station.

Peninsula Rail 2000 and many rail proponents favor new service on the dashed lines on this map, with a BART connection at the "transfer only" station at Shinn Street instead of the Warm Springs BART extension (WSX). Because the former would require construction of a new BART station, other locations such as Union City are more likely in the near future for providing connections between commuter rail and BART. The connection between Altamont Commuter Express and BART will require continuation of the bus bridge until the Shinn station is built or ACE is rerouted north to Union City. The same problem applies to future Dumbarton rail service.

Also see a color map of PR2000's 1997 proposal for train service on some of these lines

The $4 billion that a Fremont-San Jose BART extension is estimated to cost instead could pay for upgrading over 100 miles of existing rail lines to service every 5-15 minutes, as depicted on two side-by-side maps.

This map is also available in color PDF format (370 kilobytes), suitable for printing on a color printer.

Last updated: May 9, 2000