Caltrain and BART routes between SF and SFO airport

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CalTrain downtown SF extension | Electrification of CalTrain

Caltrain: skirts edge of SFO airport, terminates 1.5 miles from downtown San Francisco
Caltrain downtown SF extension from 4th & Townsend to the site of the Transbay Terminal
BART, connected to transbay tube to Oakland, existing line
BART extension to SFO and Millbrae: 7.5 miles Colma-Millbrae, 1.2 mile SFO branch
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BART between downtown San Francisco and San Francisco International airport is 23% farther and will have twice as many stops as Caltrain's route between the two points. BART takes the long way around San Bruno Mountain through more densely populated areas.

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Last updated: June 28, 2001

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