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BART line from Colma (under construction 1998-2001)
AirTrain, SFO airport's automated people mover system:
project phase 1, to be constructed as part of current airport expansion
project phase 2, to be constructed at an unknown future date
Possible extension (two alternatives shown) of AirTrain to Caltrain, proposals from studies in 1997 and earlier

map, 37k GIF graphic

Under alternative 3B, the United Airlines maintenace base is the only airport destination that would be a short trip from Caltrain via the AirTrain shuttle. Alternative 5 would put both the airline passenger terminals and the United facility a short trip from Caltrain via AirTrain.

Note that the Caltrain-AirTrain connection alternative 3B is an extension of the AirTrain phase 2. Therefore alternative 3B would not be possible until after phase 2 is constructed.

This map shows the old San Bruno Caltrain station location. In 1999 the station was moved to the location labeled "3B."

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Last updated: May 28, 2000

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