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Sheila Himmel, food critic for the San Jose Mercury Newspaper, recommends fine restaurants that can be accessed from CalTrain.

First, she recommended Pisces Restaurant, located in Burlingame at 1190 California Drive. Pisces is a small seafood restaurant, located steps away from the Burlingame/Broadway Station. For more information on Pisces, call (650) 401-7500.

Next, she suggested MacArthur Park Restaurant, a great family restaurant in a beautiful building, located in Palo Alto, next to the train station on University Avenue. MacArthur's phone number is (650) 321-9990.

Sheila then mentioned Global Village Cafe, which specializes in dishes from around the world. The Global Village Cafe is located on Castro Street in Mountain View, and its phone number is (650) 965-4821.

Finally, she recommended Henry's World Famous Hi Life, a great steak house that requires no reservations, except a hungry stomach. Henry's is located in San Jose, and its phone number is (408) 295-5414.

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